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The conclusion is obvious: the two terms mean different things, and cannot be used interchangeably. In light of the above, the usage of "as such" cited in the "basket case" excerpt above appears to me to represent the modern, incorrect usage of this expression. Although such usage has regrettably become somewhat common, I would recommend against adopting it. The thing has been done already. There is nothing more to do about it.

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So we have to take it as such. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 5 years, 11 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed 98k times. This is a passage from an article on the origin of the idiom basket case. As such is defined on Dictionary. Theo Theo 1, 12 12 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 63 63 bronze badges. It simply means 'as a result,' 'because of this,' 'thus,' 'therefore,' etc.

"As Such" Is the New "Therefore"

You're taking the definition of this transition phrase way too literally. Giambattista Giambattista 2, 7 7 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Actually I was wondering, what is the proper definition of capacity in this context? I know you have mentioned that it is the state of being limb-less and being carried around in a basket and that it invokes feelings of helplessness , but how do you define it?

Is capacity here means a state then, or a situation? I'm guessing capacity here doesn't mean position; function; or role then.. I'm not at all being smart here, but it's actually the capacity of being incapacitated.

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When the person thinks of the idiom basket case, in the capacity of incapacitation, it renders feelings of helplessness. By way of example, here are two correct sentences which convey substantially the same meaning, and which differ only in replacing "as such" with "accordingly": I am a lawyer, and as such I am formally qualified to express opinions about legal matters. I am a lawyer, and accordingly I am formally qualified to express opinions about legal matters. The phrase as such means "like that," but not "and so" or "therefore.

A few more examples: The thing has been done already. Doing things as such will bring about disaster.

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Try to do things a better way. Mercy Mercy 1.

Mercy: Don't add comments to your answer; edit your answer to improve it instead. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. The meanings of as, such as and like used like this are as follows:. It suggests that the noun after it is naming a special use of the noun before. Simple Example-Giving , Sentence Lists 3: Bullet Points. It thus indicates that the idea mentioned after it Alcatraz is part of a larger group shown by the noun before prisons.

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The noun before must, as a result of this, be either plural or a generalizing singular e. Such as phrases may go inside two commas, as in b , or not, as in c. The difference is similar to that made by using or not using commas with who or which or that see In other words, sentence b is about all prisons, while c is about only some the Alcatraz kind.

Like can be used in much the same way as such as to introduce an example. However, it is probably more used like this in spoken than written English. Like can also be used both with and without commas to show a similarity, as in d and e. The use with commas is, I think, actually adverbial rather than adjectival, because the like phrase does not have to follow a noun — it can be right at the start of the sentence with a comma after it.

Saying How Things are Similar. Here is a non-general one:. In the examples above, the prepositional as, such as and like all have a noun immediately before them, which they and their own noun describe rather as adjectives do. However, English prepositions can also be used in another way — not describing a preceding noun — and this leads to some slightly different uses of as and like but not of such as , which can only be used in the way shown above. Consider these examples:. Here the word before each preposition perform is a verb.

Now the prepositions and their partner nouns are acting like adverbs, saying how the action of the verb happens. Thus as says the recruits were clowns, while like says they were not, but just resembled them see Features of Complements , 4.

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Eight Things to Know about Conjunctions. Here, however, I wish to consider a conjunction use for making comparisons. Consider this:. As , however, is not the same as above, since it now means the same as like , and hence indicates that the nouns before and after refer to two similar things, not one thing with two names. Words Left Out to Avoid Repetition. The as part as a whole in j says how the action of the main verb is carried out. The sentence means, as a result, that the way adjectives follow BE is the same as the way nouns do. It is also possible to write j with a comma before as.

That would link the as part with all of the words before it rather than just the verb. The sentence would then not be saying anything about the way adjectives can follow BE, but would simply be asserting their ability to do so and their similarity to nouns in this respect. Another possibility after a comma is to reverse the order of the noun and verb following as …as can nouns.

For more about this, see Exotic Grammar Structures 2 , 1. The fact that the conjunction as can mean practically the same thing as the preposition like allows us to paraphrase one as the other. Sentence h above, for example, can be paraphrased with as like this:.