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This week, you will learn about pushups with rotations. Not only will you be introduced to the basics, but, you will also learn the health benefits associated with these particular exercises.

How to Do Pushups: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

If you are ready to take your physical fitness to the next level, continue reading to learn how! What are Pushups with Rotations? Pushups with rotations may, at first glance, appear to be quite difficult to perform; however, with the proper instructions, you will find that these are relatively easy to perform.

First, you will need to get into position and do a pushup.

What makes the pushup so special?

Then, when your body is as high as it is able to go, you should then rotate the entire body into a type of side-plank position. One hand should remain on the ground with that arm remaining straight. The other arm should be extended so that it is facing the ceiling. You should then rotate the body back into the push-up position in which you started.

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You should then rise back into a push-up position and repeat the process, only rotating the opposite side of the body. The Purpose and Intent of Pushups with Rotations The main purpose and intent of pushups with rotation is to provide a high amount of physical challenge to the body. The Health Benefits There are many health benefits associated with the pushups with rotation that are part of the 7 Minute Workout.

First, this exercise is known to strengthen the body, dramatically. ALPHA, Primary body parts : Pectoralis major chest muscles, anterior deltoids, triceps, abs.

Why you should do this exercise : It's a fun and challenging exercise. Even if you have access to a fully stocked gym, the push-up will provide a very functional compound movement by working several muscle groups simultaneously—and you'll be doing it all using your own body weight and mechanics.

The average person exercises their legs and lower-body muscles more than they do their upper-body muscles. This is often a result of indirect exercise such as walking, stair climbing and standing. Their upper-body muscles are at a disadvantage and they will benefit greatly by including a direct exercise like push-ups in their training regimen.

Not only will this exercise stimulate the chest muscles, it will also work the abs, arms, shoulders and even the back, legs and hips. What you need equipment : You can certainly do push-ups using your body weight alone.

8 Types Of Push ups For Women And Their Benefits

For a more challenging exercise, have someone apply pressure with their hands to your upper back. How to do it : Position your body face down on the floor. You're going to balance your weight on your toes and hands. Your body should be straight as a board from shoulder to ankle. Begin with your arms fully extended. They should be as straight as possible without locking the elbows, with palms flat on the floor, and fingertips pointing straight ahead.

What are The Benefits of Doing 50 Pushups Every Day?

Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart, although you may vary hand placement—closer together for accentuating the triceps and wider apart for more pectoral stimulation. Look up slightly and keep your eyes fixed on a spot about 3 feet in front of you.

We Did 100 Push-Ups Every Day For 30 Days

If you have a weak lower back and find it difficult to maintain a straight body, let your butt rise up a bit so that your hips have a slight bend. Contract and tighten every muscle from shoulders to ankles. Your body should be completely rigid. Maintain this rigid state throughout the movement to avoid stressing the lower back.

Inhale and bend at the elbows to lower yourself to the floor, keeping your elbows pointed out to the sides.

Descend slowly and in control in order to work the muscles harder and give them a good pump. Stop descending when you've touched your chest to the floor—but don't rest on the floor.

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