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Several groups unhappy with the agreement decided to develop splinter groups like the Real IRA, a 21st-century iteration of the Provos.

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Reports show that demobilization of armed groups like the Provos was largely effective. Why do we remember?

Bloody Belfast An Oral History of the British Army's War Against The IRA

What do we remember? How do we remember? The first pages offer engaging portrayals of Provos characters like Dolours Price, Marian Price and Brendan Hughes, which leave you sympathizing with their cause while despising their actions.

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Memory and recollection can distort the contours of reality. Over time, perspectives dim, opinions harden and nostalgia creeps in. Current-day emotions influence how our memories form as well as our remembrances of the past. Keefe tells the stories of those who disappeared during the conflict abducted, murdered , focusing in particular on the case of a young mother of 10 named Jean McConville. His work is a striking example of how memory, politics and personality not only obscure and challenge the writing of history, but also have a direct impact on how those who are most affected by history can come to cope with and even reconcile with the past.

The project collected interviews with more than individuals from both the Republican and the Loyalist sides of the conflict. Participants confidentially shared their memories, opinions and feelings with interviewers who, it turned out, had themselves all been important participants in the conflict.

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The tapes are a treasure trove of individual recollections of the most confidential and impactful discussions and private thoughts during the Troubles. The recordings provide insights into major events and their planning, such as the car bombing of the Old Bailey courthouse in central London in They also raise new questions.

Did the Thatcher government negotiate with the Irish hunger strikers? Who is actually responsible for the death of Bobby Sands, the member of the Provos turned parliamentarian who died during the hunger strike?


Us vs. The realities of the Troubles, however, present complicated relationships between a multitude of armed groups, sides and alliances. A former colleague who was part of a Loyalist paramilitary group recounted how the Brits provided information to both sides, often planting information with the Provos to set up no-longer useful Loyalists or to feign impartiality. Hearing from the Loyalist side is critical to a full understanding of the Troubles. Not only do Loyalists have their own memories, recollections and feelings about the conflict, their politics played a central role in the emergence of the Provos in the first place.

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Track Two to Peace? Los Angeles: Figueroa Press, , p. Exponents of this view include: M. Carl von Clausewitz, On War. Antulio J. Raymond Aron, Clausewitz: Philosopher of War. The definition Military Reaction Force is the one found in the primary documents. Ford, 24 June Smith, Fighting for Ireland? Parkin, Ministry of Defence, 12 July Major H. Moulton, ed. Many thanks to David French for bringing this to my attention. Stevens, Northern Ireland Office, 1 June The army's approach to riot control, including the use of non-lethal weapons such as baton rounds and gas, evolved and is an area deserving future archival study.

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