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Lord, You never keep us in the dark about the consequences of our choices. You bless us as much as we damaged vessels may hold, and You hold us accountable for our choices. May I seek Your healing from my imperfect faith that this vessel may be useful to You in pouring Yourself in and through me to others. You know that we are often foolish and chronically-rebellious. God had caused Moses to assemble the entire nation of Israel because He wanted to make it clear that the covenant was not only with Moses or even the elders but with every Israelite no matter his or her age, gender, or social status.

The Lord God warned than no one among His covenant people must rebel and worship false Gods or else trouble would come to all. The choices of each member of the nation of Israel had an impact upon the others. The Lord God warned them that their future depended upon their future choices. Prior to this time the people had rationalized that Moses was their intermediary and therefore they could make poor choices and he would intervene on their behalf. With all that God had done, and this very clear warning, how could any Israelite not obey — if not in loving gratefulness then in abject terror?

How different are we, knowing that God sees all, we still rebel and make ourselves poor vessels for blessing? When have you been in a fellowship where the impact of the unrighteous choice s of one of your fellow members had a profound impact?

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When have you known the right thing to do and the probable consequences of the wrong choice yet you persisted in doing what was wrong? What happened?

Pastor Steven Anderson "The Book of Revelation: Chapter 15 of 22"

Today I will partner closely with the Holy Spirit to investigate carefully and fully the decision ahead for which the consequences are extreme and opposite. I will repent of my unrighteous choice s and partner with the Holy Spirit to purge them from my life. I will share this challenge with one other believer, or as-appropriate with a small group, and ask them to pray in-agreement for my faithfulness and to help hold me accountable. I will confess and repent of my wrong choice and allow the Holy Spirit to restore me to a more-whole relationship with Him.

A will typically must be properly witnessed to be valid.

As for Joshua, he is about to cross before you just as the Lord has said. Do not fear or tremble before them, for the Lord your God is the one who is going with you. He will not fail you or abandon you! Do not be afraid or discouraged! Summon Joshua and present yourselves in the tent of meeting so that I can commission him. They will reject me and break my covenant that I have made with them. Put it into their very mouths so that this song may serve as my witness against the Israelites!

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I know the intentions they have in mind today, even before I bring them to the land I have promised. It will remain there as a witness against you, for I know about your rebellion and stubbornness. Indeed, even while I have been living among you to this very day, you have rebelled against the Lord; you will be even more rebellious after my death! Disaster will confront you in the days to come because you will act wickedly before the Lord, inciting him to anger because of your actions. By this word you will live a long time in the land you are about to cross the Jordan to possess.

Lord, You know our hearts, and so You know the foolish rebellion that resides within. May I not be so foolish as to imagine that I can hide anything from You but to instead live in Your truth. You have been so patient with Your people, then and now. You forgive and reconcile and restore, but that does not remove the scars of our rebellion.

May I not stray far from You.

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Moses informed the Israelites that he would not be traveling into the promised land with them but that Joshua would lead them in that next phase of their national history. He reminded them of what God had done to remove enemies from their path in the path as he encouraged them to not fear any who stood in their way. Moses wrote down the covenant that he had been communicating to them from the Lord God and placed next to the Ark of the Covenant and instructed them to read it in seven years when God summoned them to a gathering place.

The Lord God called Moses and Joshua together at the Tent of Meeting where He commissioned Joshua and informed them both that once the Israelites had successfully conquered the promised land they would become careless and drift into the ways of the pagans and He would withdraw from their presence — resulting in all of the curses falling upon them.

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He gave to Moses a song of encouragement for the people to share when they were scattered and in captivity. Moses recorded it and then he gathered the elders and warned them that God knew the hearts of the people contained the seeds of rebellion, that their rebellion would result in disaster, and then he taught them the song God had given him. Moses reminded the people to teach the story to the children so that none would forget.

The Lord then called Moses to the mountain where he could view the promised land but could not enter as he has disrespected God before the people in the desert when angrily and pridefully taking credit for bringing the water from the stone on the second such occasion. God did not simply ask the Israelites to trust Him but to remember His past faithfulness and then to trust in His future promises.

The Lord God reminds the people that when they draw near to Him they are blessed and when they move away from Him they suffer. What kind of love already provides a path to forgiveness and mercy, reconciliation and restoration even though it already knows the rebellion is coming? Why was the disrespect shown God by Moses significant enough to block him from entering the promised land? Even knowing that the Israelites would rebel God intended to keep His promise, His part of the covenant, and bring them into the promised land. At the same time God warned the people that their rebellious hearts would lead them away from His blessings He also promised them hope — if they turned back to Him He would rescue them.

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When have you told someone that even if they make wrong choices you would still love them and that you would still come to the line of reconciliation? When have you observed the consequences of a leader abusing authority for their own benefit? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where there is a seed of rebellion against God in you and to reveal to you a place in your life where you have drifted from the Lord and are suffering ill-consequences. Today I will recognize and confess that weak place in my life that the Holy Spirit has revealed.

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I will partner in prayer and repentance with the Holy Spirit, and one who is Biblically qualified as an elder, to walk through the process of purging my heart and mind of one dark place in me. I will confess, request and receive forgiveness, and repent turn away from my rebellion, however small it may seem to me. I will ask a fellow believer to partner with me, and the Holy Spirit, in accountability and prayer as I more-fully surrender to the Lordship of Christ through the Holy Spirit in this troubled area of my life. The Lord showed him the whole land — Gilead to Dan, and all of Naphtali, the land of Ephraim and Manasseh, all the land of Judah as far as the distant sea, the Negev, and the plain of the valley of Jericho, the city of the date palm trees, as far as Zoar.

His faithfulness is like a shield or a protective wall. I will be with him when he is in trouble; I will rescue him and bring him honor. Lord, You are a faithful and loving God across the generations. May I praise You name and trust You always. Moses, just prior to his death, reviewed for the Israelites the blessings that the Lord God had promised and delivered to the Israelites, specifically to each of the tribes.

The Lord God showed Moses the promised land, from the mountaintop across the Jordan River, and then Moses died at years of age and was buried in Moab. Moses was the last prophet to have a nearly face to face level of contact with God. Joshua assumed leadership and the people generally followed him along the path Moses had announced from God. The Psalm of praise of Moses reflects the nature of his intimate relationship with the Lord God and the love and reverence that flowed from it.

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Moses made certain that before he died, and Joshua led the people into the promised land, they remembered what God had promised and had done for their tribes and for their nation as a whole. Imagine being a member of a tribe of Israel and hearing Moses recite the blessing of God that was specifically promised to your tribe — what honor, sense of purpose, and value would that create and what willingness to sacrifice as He might ask?

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When have you been commissioned to lead others in the fulfillment of a mission to which they had agreed and in which they found a lot of shared-value? Was your task made easier, in contrast to leading people without a clear vested self-interest in the project, as a result? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you some way that you may be useful in His great plan.

Today I will joyfully receive the call of the Lord and prayerfully seek wisdom as to how I may serve Him. I will consult one who meets the Biblical definition of an elder for prayer and Biblical perspective to be certain that I have heard rightly from the Holy Spirit.