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He reflects if the award boosts the career of Mexican Filmmakers, how it has created a silly competence between colleagues, and situations that put a distance between him and the Mexican Academy of Motion Pictures. Also, he describes how the film performed with the critics and the Jewish community. What inspired you to make this documentary? Segment Synopsis: Ripstein narrates how this project landed in his hands and how it was transformed from a short subject to a feature film; he recounts the complicated situations and curious anecdotes during the shooting.

AR: It was a script written about a particular case near the Galapagos, something that actually happened in Ecuador. Segment Synopsis: Ripstein recalls the difficulties during the shooting of the film, and how the presence of Peter O'Toole brought a major change in the language. He also remarks that after a bad opening, the film had other unauthorized cuts, and taught him a valuable lesson.

Segment Synopsis: Ripstein discusses the obstacles of this project due to the homosexual subject, during a time when they were represented in a sardonic way. Once again, he describes working difficulties with the screenwriter Manuel Puig, and the usual casting problems with the producer Francisco Serrano. AR: Not at all. I mean, I nurtured myself with Mexican cinema, but rather with melodramas. Segment Synopsis: Ripstein reflects on the influence of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema in his career, especially the police genre and melodramas. Mexican Cinema taught him about other regions of the country.

AR: From many stories, there are many versions, so they are told depending on who listens. I met her at a meeting. Segment Synopsis: Arturo remembers how he met his wife and great collaborator, Paz Alicia Garciadiego, what he loves about her and their first collaborations, specially "The Golden Rooster. The production of the movie was delayed because of the earthquake of Mahfuz had won the Nobel Prize. Segment Synopsis: Ripstein recalls when he and his father became aware of Mahfuz's work, buying the rights to some of his novels to adapt into movies. Personal reasons led Arturo to work with his father on this project.

Lastly, he explains the main themes of his filmography. How did you decide to approach this film as a work of fiction? Segment Synopsis: Ripstein recounts how he started working on "The Queen of the Night", the life of the singer, Lucha Reyes, after the project had been rejected by many Hollywood directors.

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The collaboration with his wife, Paz, was important to overcome this challenge. AR: Yes.

Señoras y Señores diputados/'Onorevoli deputati'

This movie got made because Marin Karmitz came along. Segment Synopsis: Ripstein describes production on "Deep Crimson" and how it was the worst experience of his career working with the producer Marin Karmitz. The biggest troubles were censorship and unauthorized cuts to the final film.

Partial Transcript: INT. What attracted you to this project? AR: Nothing, Garcia Marquez offered it to me.

Lorenzo Silva: Agencia Literaria Carmen Balcells

Also, his reaction about the script and the opening night beside to the awarded Latin-American author. You spoke earlier about digital and all the easiness it brings, right? Segment Synopsis: Ripstein welcomes new technologies when he started to experiment with a video camera. He shares his vision about the future of digital cinema, the advantages that this change brought to the film industry, and the technical changes during the history of cinema.

Proudly, he states how he was the first Latin American director that embraced digital cinema. AR: It was a press note I read a while ago, a very small one. Segment Synopsis: Ripstein details the story "The Ruination of Men" and how it originated from a newspaper article that featured the taste of the director for crime stories; he explains how he obtained the funding for the movie.

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Segment Synopsis: Ripstein talks about his last project that is based on a curious newspaper article; he also speaks about exhibition in film festivals and the distribution on Internet. Partial Transcript: INT: Your filmmaking has been criticized for a tendency to only tell dark stories, how did you acquire this style? AR: Well, inevitably, I must be dark. Segment Synopsis: Ripstein discusses his peculiar style for mournful stories, and explains his personal tastes. He also reflects about filming in Hollywood, his relationship with literature and words, and the emotions that he feels when he directs.

Segment Synopsis: Ripstein mentions foreign and Mexican directors that have influenced his career; his admiration and respect for the new Mexican directors that have triumphed in Hollywood and the ones that have remained in Mexico, showing new proposals in a closed environment to auteurs.

AR: Whenever I can, yes, because I already know the pros and cons. Segment Synopsis: Ripstein talks about working with his collaborators, his relationship with movie critics and Emilio Garcia Rivera, his work as a teacher and how he would like to be remembered. Y fue absolutamente deslumbrante. Y todo lo que se pasaba en ese momento. Era el DVD de entonces.

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He will try to persuade a very skeptical nation. It is never easy to predict what will happen once military action is underway, but it is hard to recall when uncertainties have been greater. September 4, Is Legalization Possible? What factors are driving demographic trends in Latin America and the Caribbean?

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Uruguay, the smallest country in the region, has been the first, however, to openly rebel. By Juan Rada, Miguel A. What are the best practices for engaging citizens in the region through technology? The Congress is in recess for five weeks, until early September. When lawmakers return, they will face a number of crucial battles, including on the budget. In such a polarized political environment, none of these will be easy. The drop-off was attributed mainly to a decline in Chinese lending to Venezuela. How important is Chinese lending to the region today?

What does the decline in funding from China mean for Venezuela and the region as a whole? What will the future hold for Chinese lending to Latin America and the Caribbean? August 7, What's in Store for Venezuela?

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What is next for the country? The visit marked his first foreign trip as leader of the Roman Catholic church. Standing next to the pontiff, President Dilma Rousseff called for cooperation with the church to combat poverty and hunger. Why did Francis choose Brazil for his first foreign trip as pope?

Was the trip a success, and for whom? Will the visit have any lasting consequences for Brazilian society, or the church's role in that country?

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  4. July 30, China and the U. Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora and Carnegie expert Uri Dadush joined the Dialogue to discuss just how Mexico can grow to assume the regional and global leadership role it aspires to.