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Quests "A Traitor's Death" no longer requires killing Hexthralled mobs. Hotfixes November 7, Achievements The Mythic G'huun title, Purifier, should now properly be available to alternate characters at level , once earned. Classes Monk Brewmaster Fixed an error causing Celestial Fortune to sometimes proc at incorrect times.

Vol'zith the Whisperer Whispers of Power now reduces maximum health as a percentage instead of restricting healing received.

Uldir Cross-realm raids can now enter Uldir on Mythic difficulty. Mythic Uldir is now listed in Group Finder. Items Spider's Kiss will no longer affect targets greater than level Paladin Holy Fixed a bug that caused Pure of Heart to remove Poison and Disease effects more often than intended with items and enchants such as Coastal Surge. Creatures Cleansed Timberlings summoned from the Cleansed Timberling Heart now have a maximum level of 20 and can no longer be used in instances or Rated Battlegrounds.

Hotfixes: November 27,

Items Fixed a bug that could cause a player who was online during a weekly reset to not receive a Mythic Keystone. World Quests Emissary rewards of gold now provide gold was Emissary rewards of Azerite now provide total AP was Holiday Shade of the Horseman now scales up to level Player versus Player With maintenance in each region The first Rated Battleground victory of the day now rewards Conquest was Subsequent Rated Battleground victories now reward Conquest was The first 2v2 Arena victory of the day rewards 35 Conquest, and subsequent victories reward 25 conquest was The amount of Conquest granted to the losing team in a Rated Battleground match has been slightly increased.

Items Heart of Azeroth Fixed an issue where Battlefield Focus and Battlefield Precision would incorrectly keep the player who applied them in combat when they are triggered by other players. Fixed an issue where Execute sometimes did not count towards activating Meticulous Scheming. Fixed an issue preventing some types of damage from triggering Impassive Visage.

Items Heart of Azeroth Fixed an issue that caused Laser Matrix to hit targets that were not in combat. Dungeons and Raids Uldir Fixed an issue causing enemies on Zul's platform to be pulled into combat by some AoE damage procs. Hotfixes October 10, Player versus Player Azerite Veins Azerite Trait duration reduced to 9 sec was 18 when engaged in combat with enemy players.

Roiling Storm Azerite Trait additional Stormstrike damage now diminishes per stack when in combat with enemy players. Dark Bargain can no longer cause players to become mind controlled on Raid Finder difficulty. World Quests Emissary caches that grant Azerite Armor can now reward items up to item level Hotfixes October 5, Items Heart of Azeroth Retaliatory Fury should now activate from abilities cast on friendly targets.

Hotfixes October 4, Achievements Fixed a bug that caused The Faceroller to be impossible to complete. Resolved an issue where credit for Expert Expeditioner was being granted in Heroic Island Expeditions. Warrior Fury Death Wish can no longer be cancelled. This was your wish.

Items Fixed an issue where Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms could be triggered by non-damaging abilities. Heart of Azeroth Fixed a bug causing the bonus damage from Shrouded Suffocation to fall off if the rogue used Garrote on another target. Fixed an issue where Steady Aim could not be applied to an enemy by multiple Marksmanship Hunters. Fixed an issue causing Retaliatory Fury to not proc correctly on heals on friendly players.

Quests "Pages of History" can now be completed. Image of Zardrax the Empowerer no longer evades during "Paybacks a Lich". Items Heart of Azeroth Fixed an issue where Archive of the Titans was not stacking in combat unless the player was actively attacking an enemy. Alterac Valley Creatures in Alterac Valley will now deal more damage and have more health for players at level with higher iLevel gear. Isle of Conquest Demolishers now deal less damage to Siege Gunners and players.

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Damage done by Siege Engine against players has been reduced. Fixed an issue where Reorigination Array would sometimes not grant the appropriate amount of secondary stat. Timewalking End Time Murazond and the Ghouls in the Sylvanas encounter have had their health significantly reduced. Warfronts Fixed an issue preventing the "Lost Caravan" event from spawning in the Alliance version of Battle for Stromgarde.

The Research option "War Resourcer" has been changed. It is now: Establish access to resources outside of the Warfront, allowing you enter the battle with 80 Iron and 20 Wood. Waycrest Manor Fixed an issue where the Heartsbane Triad would not be able to cast Claim the Iris if the iris was not in line of sight.

Player versus Player Hunter Survival Sticky Tar now properly reduces the target's melee attack speed and auto-attack damage. Warrior Fury Fixed a bug that caused Death Wish to only increase damage taken from Physical abilities, instead of all damage as intended. Hotfixes September 25, Items Fixed some scaling and tuning issues with the Brewmaiden trinkets from the Coren Direbrew. Heart of Azeroth Laser Matrix should now hit targets that are within striking distance of a typical ranged damage dealer, as intended.

Timewalking Fixed a bug that caused Warforged Timewalking items to not have the intended item level.


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Fixed a bug that prevented Azerite Power from dropping in Timewalking dungeons for players with a Heart of Azeroth. Increased player gear power, and greatly lowered damage and health of many creatures and spells in End Time. Timewalking vendor items now scale to item level at player level Legion Timewalking quests should no longer be offered by Archmage Timear in Dalaran. Please log in on every character that has progress toward these achievements to be credited. Characters You can now whistle at Cap'n Crackers to have him ride on your shoulder.

Shaman Tremor Totem should no longer take an unintended amount of additional damage when players attack it. Sharpened Blades benefit from having multiple copies of this trait active has been reduced. The benefit of having multiple copies of this trait active is reduced. Explosive Potential buff duration increased to 15 seconds was 6 seconds. Destruction Accelerant duration increased to 12 seconds was 8 seconds. Rolling Havoc duration increased to 15 seconds was 10 seconds. Spirit Link now has a 1. Professions Herbalism Herbalists will now receive more Anchor Weed from nodes at rank 2 and 3.

Quests The ability Throw Rock should no longer one-shot targets on "Matchmaker". World Quests Resolved an issue that could cause the "Set Sail" to not properly display the quest objective. Island Expeditions A new world quest has been added to win one Island Expedition. Click on the map and set sail for adventure! Some Island Expedition achievements have been made account-wide. Items Fixed bugs that were preventing Truffles in Stormsong Valley from behaving as expected. Heart of Azeroth Ablative Shielding is no longer reduced by Stagger.

Charlie Moller learned to play the clarinet and saxophone when he was nine, showing unusual musical talent. By junior high, his skills were so apparent that he was accepted into the Petaluma High School music department and the school band by PHS music director George Hatfield.

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In , through an arrangement with the Petaluma Youth Recreation Association, our piece band, including five saxophones, started playing at school dances. In , at the East-West Shrine Game at Kezar Stadium, which invited dozens of high school bands, I led a thousand-piece band that covered the whole football field, in the National Anthem.

In high school, a musical group he formed was playing at the Portuguese Hall. When their performance ended, the audience persuaded them to continue playing by throwing money onto the stage. At Stanford University, where he was first chair in the symphony orchestra and the drum major who led the marching band on the field at the Rose Bowl Illinois 40, Stanford 7 , Moller intended to become a doctor, but changed course and graduated with a degree in biological sciences.

He went on to graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. Drafted into the army, Moller was sent to Fort Hood, Texas. There, in order to avoid a transfer, he became the concertmaster of the Third Corps Band. When he returned to Petaluma, Moller was offered a job at the quarry. We provided , tons of asphalt for the roadway repaving between Petaluma and Novato. You can reach him at harlan sonic. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments.

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