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Somebody will be there to meet you tuk tuk in Siem Reap, car in Phnom Penh.

If your flight has arrived early then the transfer driver may not yet have arrived. Please just take a seat and wait a little while longer. You will be provided with a phone number to call once you have booked. The visa process is not too much of a hassle, but most passport holders will need at least a Cambodia visa, if not a Vietnam visa as well. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines and a couple of others will need to get a visa for Cambodia. This is easy to do and can be done on arrival at either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap airport. There are some e-visas available but the process is quite straight forward at the airport.

See the arrival section on this page to read more. All of these nationalities can get into Vietnam for a maximum period of 15 days without a visa, provided they have not been in Vietnam in the last 30 days. You can do this via your home embassy, but allow plenty of time for passport to be returned. The border we cross into Vietnam is a land border crossing. You can also get an e-visa though the official government channels. Please ensure you fill it out correctly and upload the passport photo and page correctly. Ask them to set you up with a data package to suit your needs.

If you just put credit on your phone, it will allow you to make calls, but not use the internet or use it at very high rates. You want to buy credit and purchase a data package plan.

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Make sure that the plan is valid for your length of travel. Wifi is pretty good in most places and is often free. Even some remote, off the beaten track places will have wifi.

Cambodia tours & travel

It really helps if you need to contact anybody in the group, especially in the case of emergencies. We will be communicating via a Whatsapp group and you can also call home for free. In a word…delicious! The best part is the street food in my opinion.

The markets are like a walking degustation of stick food! We often eat at vocational training restaurants that serve as social enterprises of the NGOs we visit. We eat there because the food is as good, if not better, than most of the packed out restaurants in my home town of Melbourne! Vegetarians and Vegans? If the majority of the group are vegetarian, it will be reflected in the food on the table.

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Dietary requirements? If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please indicate on the online form you will fill out once you have paid a deposit and booked your place. Please get in touch with us if you have life threatening allergies. And a cold beer after a hard day on the bike is pretty inviting! Wine is a little harder to find good wine anyway and is closer to Western prices. Just be wary that the weather can be a little warm and a couple too many beers or cocktails will knock you about a bit more than usual the next day.

The wet season is from June to October. This has not happened to date. Although the weather is a couple of degrees cooler especially at night and the rain is not as frequent, it can bring with it more tourists, especially in the more popular areas Angkor Wat etc. Except maybe for March and April.

We take your safety extremely seriously and ensure that all the activities we host have been assessed in regards to health and safety aspects, from cycling routes to where we eat.

Shanghai's Emergence as a Fintech Powerhouse

The traffic can be a little daunting. If in doubt, cross with a local. Common sense can go a long way here. This is more common in the lead up to national holidays. To prevent or minimise your chance of becoming a victim, use your headphones whilst making a phone call on the street. Take your photos quickly and be vigilant of those around you. When walking with your bag, have the strap over your opposite shoulder.

Be wary on crowded trains and in markets. Due to the amount of positive experiences we have had in Cambodia and Vietnam, we can sometimes see it through rose coloured glasses. To keep us in check, we refer to the safety guide produced by the Australian government. It is based on fact, not hysteria. Cambodia and Vietnam are both currently rated as green. Which means exercise general safety precautions.

Check out the latest about what Australian Govt thinks about travelling in this region by following this link. Medical facilities in Cambodia and Vietnam are basic, outside of major cities.

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We assume you are in good health and have a sufficient level of fitness to complete your chosen tour. At first impressions, the volume of traffic in the cities looks like utter chaos! It is in fact, a beautiful mess that really works. All the cities in Asia have a much greater amount of motorbikes than they do cars.

Get Free Virtual MasterCard in your PayGo Wallet (Famous Cambodian Peypey Dy funny explanation)

As a result, the relationship between bikes and cars is very good, unlike Australia. There is little to no road rage, and as a result, the riding is a lot more peaceful than it may first appear! The vast majority of our cycling though is on remote back roads between rural villages. To date, every rider has felt that the riding in Cambodia and Vietnam is safer than the conditions in Australia.

Cambodian men playing cards in central Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I tend to agree. Below are the details of each cycling day, for the 16 day Siem Reap to Saigon adventure. If you are completing the 12 day adventure from Phnom Penh, then your journey will start from Day 7 Chisaur fro the maps below. The distances between one hotel to the next can be extensive, so we have cherry picked the best part to cycle in between, but it may only be 40 to 60km of the route.

Each Social Cycles tour is fully supported so there is an opportunity for riders to take a rest in the van. Our goal is to exhibit the beauty of travelling Cambodia and Vietnam by bicycle. It is not to rack up thousands of kilometers. Therefore, our style is recreational and casual. We aim to cater for beginner to intermediate recreational cyclists, not professionals or Strava enthusiasts.

See our FAQ on Social Cycles tours for more info on whether this is the right tour for you in regards to cycling. An incredible start to an epic adventure.