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The DVD set that's gotten me the most excited this year was the release of the complete series of Get a Life , the surreal s Fox sitcom with Chris Elliott. Through Shout!

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Mirkin loves recalling the show — check out Nathan Rabin's in-depth discussion of the series with him — and we had a great talk. Here's some highlights of our conversation!

On Chris Elliott's character, year-old paperboy Chris Peterson: The great thing about that character is that you can put him in any situation, whether it's a grown-up job like Health Inspector or a teenage job like modeling, you got a very strange, specific take on it through not just the character, but the style of storytelling that Chris, Adam Resnick, myself and the other writers really embraced.

It was a wide range of experience — there were all sorts of age-appropriate or inappropriate things he could be doing. And that's the kind of show I love — the kind where you can go anywhere and do anything, and not only have the character and the reality changing all the time, but the storytelling style changing as well — a horror show one week, a romantic story another week, a competitive show another week. Each time you tell the story, you never know what's going to be told, and in what style. That to me is the most exciting thing.

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And of course you can kill the main character every week, and he can come back unscathed every week, which to me is a very positive message — even death is not enough to stop this guy. On having the whole series on DVD with the original music, including R. They were very successful, and they were going to put out the whole box set, but then Rhino got taken over by Warner Brothers, and morphed into a different kind of company.


But then some of the people from Rhino created Shout! Factory, and the numbers finally worked — in a way, because DVD sales are down, we were able to get all the original music on there, and didn't have to change a note of it.

And we're thrilled that that happened. But some of that really horrible replacement music from when they tried rerunning the show on USA would have been a fun bonus feature! One of the unsung heroes was R. Jean short stories, creating one of the most endearing, clever, and readable series in contemporary French comics.

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Their award-winning, critically acclaimed series has sold more than , copies in France and has won one of comics' most coveted awards, the prestigious Angouleme Alph-Art Award for the Best Book of the Year. Get a Life is a collection of the early Mr. Jean stories where the reader is introduced to the life of the titular character, a laconic, single Parisian male struggling through the usual calamities of life: bachelorhood in his twenties and early thirties and the impending responsibilities of marriage, kids, and deadlines for his publisher.

Jean is a typical everyman — a scholar who fancies himself a man of letters, a nostalgist whose memories carry a weight few can understand, a lover whose heart knows the greatest of burdens. Blogs up icon. Current edition.

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