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I believe that this tale of perseverance, dedication, and love, would be beneficial to any family undergoing any sort of medical or behavioral problem.

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It runs more than miles from the Everglades at the southern end of the state, through Pensacola up in the Florida Panhandle. Friend spent five months hiking the trail to create this beautiful book that captures a part of Florida most tourists — and many residents — never get to see. Stewart has a way of pointing out the obvious; in chapter five, The Judicial System, the following discussion question is asked p.

How many of the nine members of The Brady Bunch can you name? What does that say about you? Laine spent a year with these kids and really got to know them, and their band director. The other major theme of the book is the strong emphasis on the Christianity of the band members. Frankly, I found it a bit unsettling as I am a staunch believer in the separation of church and state, and it also bored me, thus making the book more difficult for me to read and I found myself skimming at times.

But despite that, the band stuff is interesting enough and unusual enough that I still have to recommend it anyway.

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For fans it is part nostalgia, part explanation for some mistakes made along the way, but mostly confirmation of what we already know. I had forgotten a lot of this, like the two co-hosts the first year, and this book brought it all back along with some smiles, laughter and even a tear or two. With all the changes the show has gone through, especially this year, I found this book to be a fitting ending to the American Idol era. Learn about our new President-elect via candid pictures and posed shots from the campaign, as well as family photos of Barack, Michelle and the girls, along with a forward by Senator Edward M.

He may have given up on the first dream, but he proudly fulfilled the second, becoming an American citizen in Shortly after that momentous occasion, he was invited to host the Washington Correspondents dinner, where he admits that was when he realized that he probably watches too much MSNBC. When he met President George W.

Hopp: Kingsolver has been an advocate of eating locally grown food for some time, and was able to put her beliefs into practice when she moved to a farm in Virginia. She spent a year eating only the foods they grew on her farm or that were grown in a hundred mile radius as much as possible, and wrote this fascinating book about that experience. Her husband, Steven Hopp, and daughter Camille also contributed. My favorite part of the book was about the turkeys they raised. Apparently turkeys have been artificially inseminated for decades, but these turkeys were being raised by hand and Kingsolver wanted them to reproduce the old fashioned way.

She finally found some information on turkey breeding au natural in an antique farming book, and her female turkeys soon gave up coming on to Steven and instead set their sights on the Tom turkey. At 26, Erway, like so many of us, realized that her income could not support her eating out habits. Instead, she would use her love of food and cooking to prepare inventive and usually cost-efficient meals in her own kitchen. For two years, she followed a strict regimen of not eating out and discovered some interesting things about herself and New York food movements, blogging about it all the while.

The Art of Eating In is a sort of behind the scenes look at those two years; a foodie memoir and a look at the New York food scene from another perspective. This is a beautiful coffee table book, high quality paper and gorgeous photos of the motorcycle as art.

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Put this on the top of your gift list for any chopper fan. He shares what he learns in this eminently readable and educational guide to Asian dining.

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He espouses befriending the sushi chef, and actually making yourself a regular at most restaurants to get the best food and best dining experience for the buck. He carefully explains the confusing items on various Asian menus, and tips us to always ask for all the menus, especially at Chinese restaurants. Apparently there often is a menu for tourists, i. Caucasians, and another, better menu for Chinese.

He warns Japanese-Americans not to attempt to speak Japanese at a sushi bar unless you are fluent among other helpful hints. He also includes some history about the various Asian cuisines, how they came to America and why, as well as why some have not, like Filipino restaurants, despite there being more Filipinos in this country than almost any other Asian immigrants or descendents. A fascinating and fun read, especially if you love Asian cuisine or are at least curious about it.

I started at the beginning and that was it, I was hooked. Muto was fired from Fox because he was a mole, leaking Fox-damaging video to Gawker. All in all, it was a very interesting book about how a show is produced at Fox news with some good gossip thrown in. This was fast reading, and a lot of fun. Walters has led, some would say, a charmed life, and in this memoir, she shares some of the bad along with the spectacular good to help put her life into a more realistic vision for her fans.

A surprising fast, fascinating read. Not all chefs go to cooking school, but the CIA has its fair share of superstar chef graduates. But it was Michael Ruhlman, I think, that was the influence here. The final course is on wine, and included an page textbook that the students were basically supposed to not only memorize, but then apply during blind tastings.


It is an interesting book for foodies, and a must read for anyone contemplating cooking school. My only complaint: a book like this should have been printed on better paper. The quality is acceptable but this is a very special book and deserved more. But I did like this book which is light, fun, and full of pictures as well as information. Helpful hints abound like if you have to fly to a bike rally and ship your bike, never admit it.

And Billy Collins, former U. Poet Laureate, is one of my favorites, especially when he is doing the reading. This book on CD is almost as good as attending a reading. Introduced by Bill Murray, Collins reads some new and some old favorites, then takes some questions from the audience. My 13 year old daughter, who delights in torturing me by telling me how much she hates poetry, became a captive prisoner in the back seat of my car on her rides to and from school while I played this CD.

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Collins talks about how he made his mother a lanyard at camp and how that evened the playing field between them:. Collins has made a poetry lover out of my daughter. What more of a recommendation could anyone hope for? Even the pictures were a bit of a disappointment, again there was nothing new there but I guess all that was to be expected as this book did not have the cooperation of its subject.

  • Schul-, Berufs- und Qualifizierungsentscheidungen von Angehörigen der zweiten und dritten Generation vertriebener Donauschwaben: Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ... Aspekte (German Edition)?
  • Sayings of the Fathers: A Messianic Perspective on Pirkei Avot.
  • Long Trips To Nowhere -- Month 4 (Daily Thought Provokers).

But the book focuses most closely on his early life and the past ten years are so are just rushed through. A good book for any Billy Joel fan, but probably not so good for anyone else. And the wine — a lovely Grenache — was surprisingly good. So when I heard there was a forthcoming book called Bitchfest, well, I simply had to read it. Buy this book to soothe your feminist soul and share it with a friend.

Kleinberg speak about his new book at Borders. It was standing room only and with good reason — this is a fascinating story and Kleinberg is a hell of a storyteller. Over lives were lost, and that is just an estimate. Black Cloud not only covers the storm, it also covers the historical significance of it.

Sixty something white bodies were buried in the cemetery in West Palm Beach. Almost bodies of African Americans were buried in a mass grave in a potters field that was left unmarked for 73 years. His research was exhaustive. There are still survivors of the storm living in the area that were available to be interviewed and their stories are simply heartbreaking. Hamilton is not only a chef, she is a gifted writer with an M.

This book is her story, of growing up with a French mother and a father who took to roasting whole lambs at their back yard barbeques. When they split up, Gabrielle was set adrift and ended up working in restaurants, lying about her age. She got into drugs, embezzlement and a host of other decidedly un-chef-life behaviors that make for a fabulous, fascinating story. She ended up with an Italian husband and her own restaurant, Prune, in New York City, where people wait for hours every Sunday for her brunch and quietly make fun of the readers who now flock to their neighborhood mecca.

I have reservations for later this month. Though becoming a chef never seemed to be at the forefront of her plans for her future, it is nonetheless the life she returned to over and over again. On one side, impoverished people hampered by severe unemployment are preparing to sneak in to America. On the other side, a heavily-armed, vigilante group Minutemen are patrolling the border to keep the migrants at bay. While there is no quick and easy solution to this problem, The Border Film Project provides a fleeting glimpse of what it life is like for these disparate groups of people.

The Border Film Project has no agenda and takes no political position.

Instead, it tries to put a human face on the immigration dilemma through the lens of a camera. As part of a collaborative art project, disposable cameras were distributed to Migrants and Minutemen alike. Both groups were instructed on the use of the camera and were asked to take random photos of a typical day. They were also given pre-paid envelopes for returning the cardboard cameras.

Seventy-three cameras were returned with over 2, photographs. The resulting images are nothing short of astonishing. The book has minimal text except for background information on the project. Otherwise, the photographs themselves tell the entire story. Or, at least, the visual story of seventy-three individuals. The images appear as if they were taken by professional photographers; some are artfully composed, some are purposefully blurred, some are classical examples of portraiture.

Each photo is powerful in its own way.