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The Antlers is also a great place to visit when attending the annual MiParacon. She has also been known to peer out the upstairs windows above the garden. There is also the report of a headless coachman, dressed in early s clothing standing outside the yellow brick hotel. The spirit here is that of Thomas Jefferson T. Ramsdell and an unknown woman who have both been spotted in the upper balcony area. According to TheShadowlands. Today, this home operates as a quaint bed and breakfast and French restaurant. After renovations and a re-opening in , strange activity began to be reported.

There have also been reports of phone calls coming from that room to the front desk, when no one is checked into that room. As the story goes, this spinster woman and a sailor fell in love and made plans to get married. However, his ship sank and he was lost at sea. The heartbroken woman has been seen standing in the window of her room waiting for her love to return.

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Stickney and his wife, Genevive, this grand acre estate is settled along West Grand Traverse Bay under a canopy of oak and towering pine trees. Described as an obese woman, Genevive eventually had an elevator installed in the home, so she could travel between the various levels with greater ease. About this same time, J. Upon his death, J. The situation further depressed the fragile Genevive — so much so that she eventually hung herself from the rafters of the elevator shaft.

Yet regardless of the name, the spirit of Genevive lives on. Over the years, her ghost has been known to turn on lights, knock mirrors or paintings off the wall and even turn on the elevator.

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Guests have also reported a female apparition in photographs taken on site. In the s, one of the residents was a woman named Nellie Fleming — who worked at the lumber company as secretary to the owner, Charles Ellis Good. Apparently, she was in love with Good — and rumor has it they had a brief affair, but the two never married much to her disappointment. Documented records written by those people who chose to share their experience can be signed out at the front desk on request. Even though she died in in an apartment a few blocks away, many question whether it is her spirit that still lingers.

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Accounts of strange activity have been reported within the theater, specifically the stage area, including the sound system cutting out completely during recitals and other events with no reasonable explanation for the outage. According to ClickOnDetroit.

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He awoke two days later, and never returned. Others see a woman in Victorian clothing who roams the halls, even getting into beds.

The complex, which spanned over acres with more than 70 buildings, had its own police and fire department, bakery and railroad. It was noted as one of the first hospitals to use x-rays for diagnosis and was also home to the first kidney dialysis unit in Michigan. But, some psychiatric patients underwent electroshock and insulin shock therapy.

Farm operations ceased in , and the psychiatric division began to close in when the state took over. The hospital stopped business in and its ruins are believed to be haunted. Blake's Haunted Big Apple — in Armada. Opens: haunted activities start September 20, Extreme and Terrifying haunt in Genesee County. Hush Haunted Attraction — in Westland. Opens: September 27, Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction — in Holly.

Haunted House and Haunted Hayride. Multilevel haunted attraction, defeat the dragon and his demons to get your freedom. Terrorfied Forest — in Pinckney north of Ann Arbor. New owners in A one mile haunted walking journey through the woods. Opens: September 20, Spooky Trails Farm — in Swartz Creek.

Opens: October 4, Opens: September 27, Purgatory Haunted House. Opens: October , , , A merry-not-scary children friendly event has treat trail, aerialists, mimes, superhero reenactments, juggler, stilt-walkers, never-ending corn maze, pumpkin displays, pumpkin smasher and can make friends with haunted creatures. Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village — in Dearborn.

Open: October , , , Kid-friendly magical encounters with live costumed storybook characters along a path with over 1, carved jack-o'-lanterns. Plus craft beers, cider, doughnuts, more. Opens: September 14, No haunted events. Open: September 6 through November 3, Opens: Labor Day weekend Halloween on Tillson Street — in Romeo northeast of Detroit.

Tillson St, Romeo, MI Opens: TBA Krazy Hilda's Trail of Terrors — in Ypsilanti. Click websites or names of Halloween Attractions Haunted Houses to get full details and check for discounts and coupons! Plus a Midway, escape rooms, special events, more. Opens: October 5, Indoor haunt with indoor waiting, high tech animatronics, digital special effects, live actors. Psycho Vision 3D — in Jackson.

The Haunt Haunted Attraction — in Wyoming. New scares, over rooms, almost actors and 62 animatronics. The Haunted Hall — in Muskegon.

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Corpse Barn Shock Haunt — in Jackson. Live actors, indoors with indoor waiting. Cornwell's Turkeyville Haunted Adventure — in Marshall. Opens: TBA Oct Annual Haunted Trail through the Woods. Open: September and October Dutch town - Marons Food Market - Store has a women spirit in it. Stuff flies off shelves at the costumers, Someone a lady, whistling and no ones in the store but the workers.

Lights shut off and turn on when someone's alone. Cold spots and chills. Eagle Harbor - Lake Breeze Inn and light house - people claim they have seen a woman walking the porch looking out to the lake as if she is looking for her long lost husband who was lost in the lake in a freighter crash, the light house has had everything to lights flickering on and off to hearing voices, and apparitions. East Lansing - Fairchild Auditorium - There is a boy who roams the halls of the auditorium.

Eloise's long-hidden basement: 'You sense someone else is down there'

Also, there have been stories of weird noises coming from the stage areas. East Lansing - Michigan State University - Holmes Hall - On the sixth floor of the west building, students have reported seeing a male figure enter the elevator.

Immediately after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves. They are shadowy figures that simultaneously take both elevators and hold them.