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When companies seek out an investment banking relationship, they are interested in a financial partner that can guide them through the complicated landscape related to financing a business and managing its assets. Investment bankers offer executives strategic planning advice. They often advise company executives about the best times to make a public offering, sell a large company asset, or acquire another business.

Investment banking product groups are broken down as such:. For example, the Financial Institutions FIG team will work with clients on raising debt, IPOs, acquisitions etc, but will only work with clients within that sector. A primary advantage for accessing the services of an investment banker is the relationships and contacts that an established investment bank can offer its clients.

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The principle role of an investment banker is to introduce lenders to companies in need of capital. Investment banks regularly cultivate business liaisons with venture capitalists and private investors. The hierarchy within the investment banking division is very well defined.

110 Investment Banking Analyst Jobs in Raleigh, NC

The actual role names may differ from region to region and bank to bank, but all follow the same general pattern. Analyst - this is how you will enter banking once you have completed your degree. The usual way to be offered a place is to complete an internship with the bank at the end of your junior year at school and then to receive a full time offer to come back at the end of your final year, although it is also possible to apply directly for a full-time job.

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Typically the analyst does all the 'grunt' work on projects such as valuing companies, creating models, putting together pitch books etc. Analysts are well known for working hours per week but are well paid for it.

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The WSO investment banking interview course is designed by countless professionals with real world experience, tailored to people aspiring to break into the industry. This guide will help you learn how to answer these questions and many, many more. Investment Banking Interview Course Here. This content was originally created by member Asatar and has evolved with the help of our mentors. Popular Content See all. Leaderboard See all.

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What is the Importance of Relationships in IB A primary advantage for accessing the services of an investment banker is the relationships and contacts that an established investment bank can offer its clients. Hierarchy and Compensation in Investment Banking The hierarchy within the investment banking division is very well defined. How much happier would they be in the luxury subgroup of a consumer discretionary industry team that covers Estee Lauder or LVMH which of course owns Sephora?

The best jobs are the ones that you want to talk about outside of work, like starting a finance website. Finance is hard enough as it is — the hours are taxing and the stress is immense relative to a standard corporate gig. If you develop an expertise in an industry group, you become invaluable and do not need to worry about exits.

If you are known in the media space, you will never have a problem exiting to a media focused PE firm or the media arm of a megacap PE firm. People recognize talent in the industry — if your knowledge can be used to make people money, you will always be in demand.

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You could end up getting a job in corporate development in one of the companies you admire or lead an industry silo within a product group such as equity capital markets or debt capital markets. I have met a lot of people who come from privileged backgrounds where their parents wanted them to come back and lead the business after.

A lot of people have their families entrenched in real estate as developers — a job in real estate investment banking and real estate private equity afterwards makes a lot of sense. Likewise, a lot of acquaintances have disclosed to me that their families have strong manufacturing businesses in China or the broader bamboo network in Southeast Asia — industrials or consumer non-cyclical investment banking may make a lot of sense. Mergers and acquisitions has the best exits and bankers in this division are the most prepared.

Equity Capital Markets (ECM): The Definitive Guide

Leveraged finance also has excellent placements, but the experience varies greatly from bank to bank in terms of what modeling responsibilities are allocated to what group. Ideally you will be able to work on both a buy side mandate and a sell side mandate during your time in banking if this is the case.

However, we would caveat that knowledge on capital markets is also the most limited in this group — versus an industry group where you may be looking at a debt raise one day, an IPO the next and a merger the day after. Debt capital markets and equity capital markets , conversely, will make someone very in tune with the market but very far removed from valuation and modelling.

Leveraged finance is the best compromise as there is traditional modeling and capital markets experience. They want to work in it because they want the prestige associated with the group from a cursory glance at some Wall Street Oasis thread. Assuming everyone likes you, only now do you have a decision to make.