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It is also possible that he studied in the Lullist School of Barcelona: In the same year he mediated between King Martin I and the Provincial Superior of the Celestine Monks, in order to establish a monastery of theirs within the Royal Palace of Barcelona, where the relics that King Martin had collected should be enshrined and venerated.

In magister Felip returned from Paris to Barcelona, was ordained priest and settled in one of the houses of the Cathedral since he had been a canon of the Barcelonese Cathedral, and since April he had been designated pastor of the Church Santa Maria del Pi — Our Lady of the Pine Tree — in Barcelona. Although he continued writing sermons and other literary works, he worked for many years as an ambassador, facing political problems of that time. In , Malla was elected a member of the Parliament of Tortosa, the national parliament of Catalonia, divided into various opposing parties, the most important of which were that of the supporters of Ferdinand of Antequera and that of the supporters of Count James of Urgell.


Malla also attended the coronation of King Ferdinand in the Cathedral of Saragossa, on 5 th September The King of Aragon, Ferdinand, and his son Alphonse, tried many times to persuade Ferrer to go to Constance and to cooperate again in the work for the unity of the Church, but every effort of theirs was futile.

Nonetheless, a distinguished Dominican friar, Antoni Canals, a professor of Theology at the University of Valencia, deputy inquisitor and a humanist, supported Malla about this campaign of preaching, cfr Bofarull Other ambassadors had reached Constance earlier. On the same day, he read a sermon during a general congregation, on the biblical passage: King Alphonse particularly needed that money since he found the royal treasury nearly empty when he became the new King.

But most of all, the King wanted to control the assignation of ecclesiastical offices and benefices: On 8 th December , King Alphonse wrote a letter to Bernat de Gualbes, mestre racional of the Kingdom of Valencia the chief administrator of the royal assets: So we suppose that by that date the King had become reconciled to him. In , Malla was appointed the administrator of the Holy Cross Hospital, the main hospital in Barcelona.

During the decade , Felip de Malla also worked to reform the grammar schools of Barcelona, in order to establish a School of Arts, a first step towards the creation of the University of Barcelona which would eventually happen in The City Council and the Cathedral Chapter had wanted this reform since , and finally this project was carried out under the direction of Felip de Malla.

Josep Perarnau undertook the edition of his political letters, but unfortunately he published only the first volume , with a general introduction, and then gave up the project.

On the other hand, the Memorial del pecador remut , and the sermons, are much more interesting in order to understand his opinions and his method in theology. Two manuscripts Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya , and Valencia, Cathedral transmit the text of two different parts of the same work.

We can also read some copies of two incunabula editions: Girona and Barcelona a description in Malla I think that there is more than one reason: Malla often uses dialogues, or fictitious interventions spoken by Jesus Christ, God himself, the Virgin Mary, and also biblical prophets, apostles, other characters in biblical history, Greek philosophers and the Sibyls. In this section of the work, the Sibyl is a key figure, as her voice is the voice of pre-Christian wisdom, waiting for redemption. That is why we can say that Malla is a sort of Christian pre-humanist, open to any contribution of non-Christian authors in his Christian perspective: I am the holy, immaculate Theology: I am a ray of the celestial light, a ray of the transcendent and unfalsifiable light that has been sent from on high to the low, from the Heaven to the earth, in order to teach men, living in this world, conscious of their mortality and also of their resurrection, the truth necessary to their salvation, and in order to lead them to an eternal end, that is the fruition of the divine goodness.

I will get in touch with you during the campaign to come to an agreement about how I can repay the favour. I expect the book to be available on Amazon by late October and be able to do a presentation event in Barcelona in the first week of November. We will send your question to the author of the project, who will be able to reply directly to your user email address. If you are already a sponsor, please Log in to comment. En quines fonts t'has basat per escriure el llibre?

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Som i serem! Com has triat la foto de la Via Catalana? No hi surto per 50m!! La ley de la Impenetravilidad. Well we're into the last 10 days of the campaign and we're almost there This means that I can be a bit more generous and as a way of saying 'thank you' I've decided to add a free Kindle version of the book to every pledge If all goes well the paperbacks should be available before the end of October and the digital PDF and Kindle versions quite a lot sooner!

Log in or Sign up to comment this entry. No acabo d'entendre el commentari, Mireia! I've been working on the cover for the Catalonia Is Not Spain book over the weekend and here's the result. Assimilation attempts by the Catholic Kings and… read more. At a solemn act at the Palau de la Generalitat at The question for the non-binding consultations are 'Do you want Catalonia to be a state?

In the case of YES. Do you want that state to be independent? It is expected that Mariano Rajoy's government will meet on Monday and call on the Constitutional Court to block the vote.

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This is obviously not a serious political point but during the War of the Spanish Succession the Catalan troops dressed in blue and claret blaugrana. Watching the lengthy interview with Artur Mas conducted by Josep Cuni on the programme 8 al Dia last week, the Catalan President seemed extraordinarily confident about the chances of holding the consultation.

I knew he must have an ace up his sleeve but I had no idea what it was until a friend passed me an interesting piece of analysis today. I don't know how accurate this is but if it's true, it looks like we'll win the poker game. As far as the official history of Spain is concerned, the reign of Felipe II was, if anything, even more important than that of his father Carlos V, who by a slow process of piecemeal abdication from onwards left his son as king of Castile, Aragon and the Italian possession of Naples and Sicily as well as the Netherlands and newly conquered American and African territories.

Felipe II became King of Portugal in and during his reign the Spanish began the exploitation of colonies as far afield as the Philippines, which were named after him. The expression "The empire on which the sun never sets" was coined during reign of Felipe II and reflects the extent and power of the Spanish empire at the time.

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On the military front, the reign began well with victories against the French at Saint Quentin and Gravelines… read more. They changed sides and began to support the Austrian Archduke Charles after the Pact of Genoa, which was signed with the English, who promised them military support and to guarantee the Catalan laws and constitutions. Archduke Charles became Holy Roman Emperor and the English were not so keen on supporting him and also there was a change of government from Whigs to Tories.

England pulled out of the war in after signing the Treaty of Utrecht, from which they got Gibraltar and Menorca. The Catalans continued fighting but the attrocities committed by the Franco-Castilian troops of Felipe V against the Catalans during the Siege of Barcelona in preyed on the minds of many liberal Whigs. The case was brought up in Parliament and a number of books were published. There's been a lot of talk about how the result of the Scottish referendum might affect the Catalan independence movement but to be perfectly honest I always thought it was irrelevant.

Perhaps a YES would have created a precedent and opened up the way for recognition of Catalonia and acceptance by the EU but equally it might have increased fear that more nation-states would break apart and so countries like France, Italy and Begium would have been even keener to block a Catalan referendum. What is very clear is that the right-wing Spanish nationalist press in Madrid will have field day claiming that this is the end of independence movements for the forseeable future.

This is also completely false. There is a strong grassroots movement here, the majority of political parties are in favour of a referendum and a date's been set. Even if Catalans don't manage to vote on November 9th, the Catalan people's desire to control their own future won't go away.


Being English born, 25 years ago I would have been a unionist but living here in Catalonia has completely changed my view on self-determination for small nations. My identification with the Catalan culture and language has been total but on a more practical level, it just seems ridiculous to me that Scotland should be governed from London or Catalonia from Madrid because the politicians in the English or the Spanish capital are neither close enough to the people of Scotland or Catalonia to understand the issues affecting them nor care very much.

I think there needs to be government of proximity and that small is beautiful. This has nothing to do with being anti-English or anti-Spanish just about wanting the best for your own people. There's been a lot of talk in the right-wing press about anti-Spanish insults during yesterday's Diada. That certainly wasn't my feeling and isn't what I pick up from the independence movement in general. Sumate is a group of Spanish-speaking Catalans who have no problem campaigning for independence for Catalonia whilst comfortably maintaining a pride in their own culture and language.

Many of my football mates in Sant Andreu had no problem in supporting Spain during the recent World Cup whilst at the same time admitting they would vote 'Yes' to independence. I was really pleased then when a friend sent me this photo of a guy on the Diada wearing a La Rioja shirt. It really sums up the feeling of happy tolerance that this movement is all about. Embargador 1 episode, Marta Domingo Germana 1 episode, David Gil Criat 1 episode, Xavier Ribas Noia 1 episode, Margarita Calatayud Amiga Sergi 1 1 episode, Txema Lasaga Edit Details Country: Spain.

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