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Peter or Alcantara. We pray in the spirit when the mind reflects on the words that the mouth utters. To this end, the hands should be joined, to signify the union of heart and lips. That is the prayer of the spirit. Vincent Ferrer. Because God has given himself to us. Mother Teresa. For myself, I know of no better way of establishing the kingdom of God, eternal wisdom, than to united vocal and mental prayer by saying the holy Rosary and meditating on its 15 mysteries. Louis de Monfort. It has to lead to deeds and practical consequences.

Josemaria Escriva.

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Three Carols for the Nativity Arr. Added to cart. Gregory of Sinai. To pray means to stand before God with the mind, mentally to gaze constantly at him, and to converse with him in reverent fear and hope.

Dimitri of Rostov. Elizabeth Seton. They will teach you everything, either directly or through others. Theophan the Recluse.

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Basil the Great. God arranges to give us certain things in answer to requests to that we may confidently have recourse to him, and acknowledge him as the source of all our blessings , and this is all for our good. Thomas Aquinas. Pray wholeheartedly, though you may feel nothing, though you may see nothing, yes, though you think that you could not, for in dryness and in barrenness, in sickness and in weakness, then is your prayer most pleasing to me, though you think it almost tasteless to you.

And so is all your living prayer in my sight. Julian of Norwich.

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Therefore, we must always pray. The more we pray, the more we please him and the more we obtain.

Claude de la Colombiere. First that he ask for himself; second, that whatever he asks be necessary for salvation; third, that he asks in a pious manner; and fourth, that he ask with perseverance -- and all these things concurrently.