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In this, her first memoir, she tells the story of her journey from a Jewish childhood in Leicester to the undergraduate world of post-war Cambridge, the excitement of friendships in the literary world and the tensions of a poet's writing life inside a long and often painful marriage.

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Here also find travels among Russian poets under Soviet rule — and the story of Feinstein's own marriage, as poet met scientist in the days when people fell in love and stayed in love, through thick and thin. It both illuminates, and moves to tears.

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Monday 11 November Related Articles. It bears eloquent witness to injustice and atrocity and to how observing them shaped a fearless poet. She remembers as much as possible, and the resulting memoir, once read, is difficult to forget.

A memoir of musical reverence to A Tribe Called Quest

This clarion work of remembrance, this indelible testimony to a horrific battle in the unending struggle for human rights, justice, and peace, stands with the dispatches of Isabel Allende, Eduardo Galeano, Pablo Neruda, and Elena Poniatowska. This incredible book shapes chaos into accountability.

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It marries the attentive sensibility of a master poet with the unflinching eyes of a human rights activist. Here, she shares with us what few writers ever share: a story of how, by trial of fire at the beginning of the horrific war in El Salvador, she found her voice. Both an account of the education of a great contemporary writer, and a spell-binding story of a journey and friendship, this book is first and foremost a call to action.

It asks us to pay attention in a time of our own turmoil. It shows us just how to do what we as a nation so desperately need to do: to remove the blindfold and open our eyes.

The book is right on time, though it took decades to write. Now while we are creating a festering, wounded border in America, and a pit of crime and cruelty, this book shows us how such a thing happened, not from the US point of view, but through the eyes of the oppressed.