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How to Play Minefield Instructions: There are 11 countries that are mines if you uncover a mine, you lose the game.

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Each time you click a country, there is a number that appears, which denotes the number of bordering countries that are mines. Click any country that starts with the letter 'I' to begin these countries are safe.

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Only borders within Europe between sovereign states are included. Hint: Remember which countries Croatia actually borders Also try: US States Minesweeper.

Play Quiz. Find Click a country Remaining 36 Decoy Marker. You got.

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You Might Also Like Yes, an achievement for finishing in just under an hour. I walked away for a few days. Every time I need a break I find myself loading it up, tagging a few hundred mines, and watching the globe slowly turn into islands of orange-flagged mines amid broad swathes of cleared tiles. There are some neat customization options. You can play that mode on either a standard cube the default or a spherized cube, the latter warping each tile to fit the globe.

Mind Sweeper

Triangle mode is, in my opinion, the hardest. Each tile touches twelve others, some of which are only corner-to-corner or corner-to-edge. Trying to read the board at a glance is daunting to me, even after a few successful rounds. Globesweeper isn't going to change the games industry or anything, but we can't stop playing this spherical and guess-free take on Minesweeper.

Incandescent Games. At a Glance. Incandescent Games Okay, so if you came of age in a post-Windows 8 world, maybe you do need the rules explained.

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