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Song in Italian language. The soprano is singing the Facts, recognizable by the human senses; the cello plays the inner melodies of the human body.

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An instant story of a woman whose mind is overwhelmed with an old memory: an opportunity that's long gone and sadly done with. It's lunchtime. However, no such photograph appears in the PJ files, not has it been published elsewhere. There is every reason to doubt whether — even if he has supplied such a photograph — that it could prove that Madeleine was alive that day Nuno Lourenco claimed he was living in Germany but had been over to Sagres for a short holiday to see his mother, who still lives in the area. He also gave the police the last four digits of the car registration number of the vehicle.

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  7. Krokowski and his wife had been holidaying at an apartment in the Sol e Mar building in Burgau. The account he gives of the attempted kidnap lacks credibility in several respects: a why would a holidaymaker, with his car apparently parked some way away outside the village, attempt in broad daylight to kidnap a child?

    This seems to us like more than a coincidence 9 Taking all these matters into account, and having regard also to the astonishing coincidences between the descriptions given by Jane Tanner of the man and Nuno Lourenco of Wojchiech Krokowski , we arrive at these very disturbing conclusions: 1 Jane Tanner and Nuno Lourenco were describing the same man — Wojchiech Krokowski 2 The description must therefore have been based on Wojchiech Krokowski and what he was wearing that week 3 Either Jane Tanner and Nuno Lourenco must have colluded in order to give police identical descriptions, OR at least one third party must have planned this collusion, and given them instructions on what to say to the police 3.

    This means that Jane Tanner, Nuno Lourenco, and any or all people who colluded in deceiving the police in this way have committed the offence in English law of perverting the course of justice. In English law this offence attracts the maximum penalty of 14 years. What is astonishing is that when they travelled to Portugal to give their statements on 26 May, they also gave an almost identical description of the man they claimed they saw to those given by Jane Tanner and Nuno Lourenco.

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    If we are correct in asserting that Madeleine was probably dead on Sunday, then what possible explanation can there be for him reporting seeing someone, at about It raises a realistic possibility that this was also a fabrication, and that Martin Smith and his family were also using the same description of Wojchiech Krokowski. The crucial evidence that Madeleine was still alive at 5. These contradictions have been analysed by many Madeleine researchers.

    It is simply not possible to accept Catriona Baker as a witness of truth. Furthermore, research has uncovered the fact that Catriona Baker probably knew the McCanns before this holiday 4. Records on the social media group Facebook show that Catriona Baker was, in and possible before then, a Facebook friend of Chloe Corner. Jon Corner was highly involved in events after Madeleine was reported missing. Within hours, he was seemingly able to send unlimited photos of Madeleine to the media, from his home in Liverpool.

    In addition, Jon Corner said he had been to Praia da Luz several times previously, suggesting a connection with the village. Jon Corner also lived with the McCanns for around a week in August , during which time he took them to Huelva to distribute leaflets about Madeleine. He made a film about Madeleine which was later used by Panorama for their programme about Madeleine shown on 19 November 4.

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    In November , six months after Madeleine was reported missing, Catriona Baker visited the McCanns in Rothley, staying with them for a number of days. We have said that Madeleine was seen alive on Sunday 29th April at lunch-time. All other claims by witnesses who claim to have seen Madeleine after Sunday have been examined in detail by a British ex-pat now living in Canada, Lizzy Taylor She concluded that apart from the evidence given by the McCanns and their Tapas 7 friends - which of course is not independent — all other statements claiming to have seen her were open to serious doubt.

    Many were extremely vague, with no checkable details given. Others were plainly wrong, for example, witnesses claiming to have seen Madeleine eating breakfast with the McCanns in the Millennium when the McCanns in their statements have consistently said they ate breakfast in their apartment every day from Monday onwards. The absence of any other reliable witness to seeing Madeleine from Monday onwards is disturbing, and strongly tends to confirm that Madeleine was not alive after Sunday. It shows Madeleine with a great deal of make-up, namely: - a necklace - a hair bead - lipstick - eye shadow, and - eye liner.

    It must also be said that Madeleine has very dilated large pupils in the photo, and there is no sign whatsoever of any happiness or joy. Rather, she looks deeply sad. When this photo was published, it attracted much negative comment, including in one British broadsheet newspaper, the Independent.

    O desejo chegado. ✓Pastor Alex Demo.

    A prominent criminologist, Mark Williams-Thomas, also criticized the McCanns for releasing this photograph although it is by no means certain that the McCanns gave permission for this photograph to be published Many Madeleine researchers who have studied this photograph carefully have made these observations about it 14 15 : 1 Madeleine could not have applied the eyeliner herself. She could not have applied either the lipstick or the blue eye-shadow neatly.

    She certainly could not have put on her necklace herself, nor her hair bead. An adult must have done all this, but we have not been told who did it. Therefore the McCanns have not been truthful about the circumstances in which this photograph was taken. That means we are entitled to ask serious questions about when, where and why it was taken.

    On the contrary, there seems to be a look of sadness, or even fear or dread in her eyes. This is most unlike houses built in England. However, it strongly resembles the outdoor cladding of many buildings along the Algarve coast in Portugal. Very clear photographic evidence and other accompanying evidence proves that the identical pair of pyjamas were personally displayed by the McCanns at two press conferences, one in London on 5th June , the other in Amsterdam, Holland, on 7th June It follows from these two facts that the entire claim by the McCanns that Madeleine was abducted - in her pyjamas, between 9.

    Madeleine must therefore have disappeared under entirely different circumstances. In reply, we make the following points. There are further details about the multiple problems with her evidence at these references: 43 44 In response to the other points above, we simply do not know how Madeleine died, especially now that it seems certain that she died on the Sunday or possibly Monday.

    A cover-up and hoax abduction could then have been carried out in total secrecy. The facts point to death on Sunday, or Monday at the latest. This, we suggest, opens up a vital new line of enquiry. This, we suggest, must be the starting-point for a fresh Portuguese police investigation. We add many references below and would be willing to assist the Portuguese judicial and police authorities in any further way that we can.

    Gerald e Dra. Kate McCann 6. A fotografia de Madeleine McCann, do Dr. Gerry McCann e da Dra.


    No rent-a-car onde aquela viatura foi alugada, identifica-se o seu condutor. No Aeroporto de Faro, procederam ao aluguer da viatura, ficando alojados num apartamento em Budens, localidade sita perto da Praia da Luz. E a pista polaca morreu. Tal como a PJ concluiu, concordamos que o falso rapto foi 'encenado'. Isso significa que ela nunca poderia ser uma testemunha independente.

    No entanto, oito meses depois Janeiro de todos admitiram que se 'poderiam ter enganado' Em resumo, nenhum das dezenas de investigadores do caso, em Inglaterra, acredita que o DCI Redwood estava a dizer a verdade. No dia 9 de Maio, o Dr. Na segunda-feira, uma frente fria trouxe tempo mais frio e nublado, com alguma chuva.

    Kate McCann sobre um alegado 'high tea' ou 'lanche ajantarado' no restaurante Tapas do Ocean Club, entre as 5 ou 6 horas da tarde de quinta-feira, dia 3 de Maio. As provas cruciais de que Madeleine estaria viva por volta das 5h30 da tarde de quinta-feira, dia 3 de Maio, vieram de uma das amas da creche, Catriona Baker 39 40 Os registos da rede social Facebook mostram que Catriona Baker era, em e talvez antes disso, amiga de Chloe Corner no Facebook.

    Jon Corner esteve profundamente envolvido nos acontecimentos posteriores ao desaparecimento de Madeleine. Em Novembro de , seis meses depois do desaparecimento de Madeleine, Catriona Baker visitou os McCann em Rothley, ficando em sua casa durante alguns dias.

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    Hall e o texto do DR. Roberts revelam o seguinte: 1. O pijama de Madeleine foi fotografado pelos McCann antes de estes darem o alarme sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine, por volta das 10 horas da noite de 3 de Maio. Tal como o Dr. David Payne fez acerca de Madeleine, tal como foram referidas a 19 de Maio de pelo Dr.

    Arul e Dra Katarina Gaspar.

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    Os factos apontam para a morte no domingo ou, o mais tardar, na segunda-feira. The group, which consists mainly of ex-police officers, former criminal investigators and information analysts, also includes some specialists in digital photography, lawyers, solicitors, English-Portuguese translators, etc. In June , the group sent letters to Prime Minister Theresa May and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, criticising the way British police investigations had been carried out until then. However, the letters received only formal replies, saying that their content would be transmitted to the police officers responsible for the investigation.