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This is a privilege that belongs to His children. Obey them completely, and you will display your wisdom and intelligence among the surrounding nations. God promises that if we will obey Him, blessings will follow. While God loves and shows favor to all of His children, Scripture is clear that there is an inherent blessing that comes as a result of obedience. But God is not a tyrant.

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He does not force His will on us. He always gives us the choice of whether to follow Him or not. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool. If you will only obey me, you will have plenty to eat. But if you turn away and refuse to listen, you will be devoured by the sword of your enemies. We may choose to blatantly disobey the Lord by rebelling against Him and His Word. This is the case when we turn our backs on the Word, follow our own ways and knowingly sin. However, not all obedience is active; some is passive.

Passive disobedience is much subtler. It may be allowing old ways of thinking i. Disobedience can even include holding on to misinformation or remaining ignorant of the things of God. We can be because He has already given us His manual for living—His Word. In reference to dog training from Chiefly Ecclesiastical. Going with a strong noun name is an all-American tradition. Below are some names that you may not have even realized were nouns.

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And, with a little help from Babylist who we love because they named the dictionary and thesaurus as some of the top ways to pick a baby name , we've ranked awesome noun-inspired names based on the most popular from this year. That way, you can either be in on the trend RELATED WORDS deference , orderliness , conformity , reverence , acquiescence , duty , observance , submission , accordance , quietness , compliance , servility , agreement , tractability , willingness , meekness , respect , subservience , docility , manageability.

One must know whom he should obey.

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With regard to religion, we are wise prudent to obey God, though it should be kept in mind that in obeying God we are often obeying ourselves at the same time. This should not be surprising, since God's good for us and the good we rightly perceive for ourselves is the same good. But the matter goes further than this.

Apostleship for obedience to the faith

Obeying God is so important that He commands us to obey Him. The matter is not negotiable:.

God does not invite us to obey Him. Such a tepid disposition would suggest a less-than-fervent love. Disobeying Him is not an option that He cordially extends to us.

Obedience – The Key to Knowing God's Will

He commands us to obey. Similarly, when Queen Elizabeth II mailed personal announcements regarding the wedding of her son, the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana, she commanded her subjects to be present at the wedding. The Queen commands obedience; she does not invite it. One obeys the Queen.

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The person who loves is happy to serve, eager to obey the needs and desires legitimate ones, of course of the beloved. Obedience allows a person to transcend the narrow confines of egotism and respond to the good of those he loves with alacrity, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness.

We Should Obey God Willingly

Here, the Swahili language offers us an interesting and valid insight into the concept of Mary's holiness. Taka means "desire," while tifu refers to "obedience. She freely unites her will with God's so that it not only affirms her own good, but the good of all God's children as well. Mary, therefore, is truly a universal mother. While the secular mind has difficulty with the concept of obedience, it has no difficulty in regarding loyalty as an important virtue.