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Une bagatelle. Une caresse a ma femme, for Piano.

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Une Larme, variations for cello and strings in A minor. Une rejouissance. Valse anti-dansante. Valse boiteuse. Valse lugubre.

Valse Torturee. Variazioni a piu strumenti obbligati Vollblut-Tarantella mit vorbeiziehender Prozession. La mia pace io gia perdei.

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Aria for tenor and orchestra Variations for Clarinet and Orchestra in C-dur. Venice Regatta, three canzonets. Duet for cello and contrabass, three parts. Buffa duet for Two Cats. Cantata in honor of Pope Pius IX Carnival in Venice. Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra.

Venice Lagoons. Mauritanian Prelude. Little Solemn Mass. Opera Overtures. La chanson de bebe. La lontananza. Joy, for piano. Romances and Songs.

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Les Soirees Musicales. Symphony di Odense in A-dur. Sonata for String Quartet No. Sonata for string quartet No. Stage monologue "Death of Dido". His choice of subject was the result of his contact with Schiller's plays, which were then becoming available in French translations Guillaume Tell. In William Tell, Rossini combined elements of opera seria, French revolutionary opera, and opera buffa, with those of the music drama and grand opera of the future.

It had a tremendous influence on Meyerbeer.

Since Meyerbeer was an important precursor of both Wagner and Verdi, the significance of Rossini's last theatrical work cannot be overestimated. The overture, however, became an instant hit. It is an excellent piece of programmatic music.

La partenza (G-flat major)

It suggests a sunrise and a storm in the Swiss Alps, includes a shepherd song and rustic dance, and ends with a highly effective march. In popular culture, it became the musical theme of "The Lone Ranger" on radio, television and movies. Liszt composed his piano transcription of Rossini's masterpiece in It was published by Scholl in In his transcription, Liszt was faithful to the original score.

What is astonishing is that he was able to render every orchestral part, every instrument, on the keyboard. He succeeded in reproducing the symphonic effects with pianistic ones. It is, therefore, an extremely difficult transcription to perform, and one that makes for adrenaline-filled listening. It was a concert favorite of Liszt's. After Liszt performed this work in London in , The Times reported. In this overture, Liszt with exquisite taste and tact confined his additions to the harmonies; and though this composition is probably one of the fullest scores that Rossini ever wrote, yet the most complete orchestra by which we have ever heard it performed never produced a more powerful effect, and certainly was very far behind Liszt in spirit and unity of execution.

How all this is accomplished with ten fingers we confess ourselves unable to guess; and even could description convey any idea of Liszt's performance, its possibility would still appear incredible, except to those who heard it. About this Recording 8. Ledin, Encore Consultants. Close the window.

Rossini: Soirées Musicales

Recital a 4 mani con il pianista Massimiliano Motterle presso l'Auditorium S. Filippo di Gardone Valtrompia BS. Ore Programma da definire. Mauro Bertoli suona con la Texas Festival Orchestra. C Italia 12 C. Auditorium S. Cecilia" a Roma. Borsa di studio come miglior Diplomato dell'Accademia S. Cecilia di Roma. Korsakoff: S. Gershwin: I've got rhythm N.

Rota: 7 Pieces for children A.

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Facchinetti: Suite di Danze G. Cardy: Quips and Cranks. This CD offers to the listeners an opportunity to listen to music not often performed in live concerts. Whenever I've performed live these works they have been always received with pleasant surprise and enjoyment by the audience. This made me think that a recording of these works could be something a bit different from usual, but quite appealing for a general audience.

I personally believe that music is beautiful despite the technical challenges that may or not present itself. Nowadays there is often the tendency to focus too much on virtuosity, while music is not only that.

Les soirees musicales (text by P. Metastasio) : No. 3. La partenza

Mauro Bertoli gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa. Franz Liszt: Lenore S. A fascinating collection of rarely recorded works for narrator and piano that have a profound emotional impact and resonance!

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