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Accessed November 22, Email x Seabirds Abstract This new Poyser title takes an in-depth look at the lives of the world's true seabirds - the penguins, tubenoses, peleceaniids, gulls, terns, skuas and auks.

Share x. Book DOI Front matter Full Text Access Dedication pp. Full Text Access List of Figures pp. Full Text Access List of Tables p.

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Full Text Access Preface pp. Full Text Access Acknowledgements pp. Introduction pp. Types of seabirds pp.

Adaptation pp. Plumage pp. Distributions and Communities pp. Feeding Behaviour pp. Migration, Movement and Weather pp.

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Breeding, Coloniality and its Consequences pp. Birth and Death — Theory pp.

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Birth and Death—Observations pp. Back matter Bibliography pp. Scientific Names of Birds Mentioned in the Text pp.

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Series: Poyser Monographs Volume: Click to have a closer look. About this book Customer reviews Related titles.

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Images Additional images. About this book This superb monograph looks at the fascinating double life of the penguins, from the huge Emperors of the South Pole which withstand many months of fasting through the long night of the Antarctic winter to the dainty burrow-nesting Little Penguins which come ashore by night on subtropical beaches in Australasia.

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