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Today they decided to open the lHavel "Polder". That means ten thousands Acres of pastures will be flooded. The farmer will not only lose their hay the pastures c an not be used for month. There is no danger for our house, even the oldest people around here can't remember that we ever had water in the houses. But who knows. Comment Interlude I had my first "strange but funny moment" of the day a few minutes ago by reading this: I bought myself a tablet as it will be easier to carry on my next journey Imagine this: You learned your telephone number, let's say by splitting it this way 35 66 That's obviously the best way to remember it.

You can name it day and night this way. But when someone asked you: "Your phone numer is ? You know that? This is what happened when I read the above sentence. I read it til "to carry on" and so far it meant "neues tablet.. To continue carry on a journey with by using a tablet? So I read the text a second time.

And once again, this time splitting the sentence after carry. Now I came up with:".. That fell into place! That's the kind of misunderstandings divorces are made of :o Does anybody want to know that joke? Edit: Good luck, Steve! Comment Walking on high heels is just a matter of practise. I can do it all day long, not just for 88 minutes. Comment Steve: Ich bin froh, dass dein Haus sicher ist. The farmer s will not only lose their hay ; the pastures can not be used for a month.

Um St. Das wusste ich nicht. Gibson: Ist das ein online Spiel? RenaRd: Von tit-for-tat ist hier keine Rede. Comment 27 Amy-MiMi O What about my last sentences in 15 then? Means: May I kindly ask you to take a look at it Comment RenaRd: Don't stop telling me! Comment Renard: I generally don't use PM so it is rarely activated. I know there are a few ways to do this in online stores but I don't find them as varied as going into a store and browse. Hm, what verb would I use here? Probably vorgegeben , or I'd reword the sentence and use Fixpreis.

It's true, though, for both Germany and Austria: the publishers name their price, and selling below that list price is considered an administrative offense.

It's like an MSRP for books, only it's not a suggestion but the law; a book cartel, if you will: it effectively removes price-based competition. This is supposed to help the independent corner stores and mom-and-pop shops to compete with the big players. I buy a lot of my books online but rarely on Amazon I, too, use various stores. I was particularly fond of bookdepository.

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I agree, but the bookstores available to me rarely provide anything new in that regard. It's mostly libraries and used-book flea markets and the like for me. Comment Actually, I did not know that the "Buchpreisbindung" also applied to Austria. There is a certain logic, but I always thought it was a Germany-only decision to force the pricing for books. Comment I did not know that the "Buchpreisbindung" also applied to Austria Not as such, not directly; we just have a similar law unlike Switzerland, by the way. I always thought it was a Germany-only decision to force the pricing for books.

Many countries apply a similar scheme, among them France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal; in some countries Denmark and Norway, in particular the same effect is achieved by simple contractual means. This is only for books outside of Germany, the last time I checked the price on a German ebook I was so appalled I closed the browser. Comment Good morning, regarding the Buchpreisbindung - I always feel that I somehow need to defend this German system.

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This is not only to support smaller book stores, but also to keep the publishing scene more varied than in other countries. And also to support the so-called Zwischenbuchhandel. This is completely unknown in other countries, and for example in England, it takes ages until a book that was not in stock because it is not a recent bestseller in the store actually arrives. And also the system helps the publishers to keep the books that they are not selling and producing in big numbers to keep relatively cheap, because they are able to calculate better.

I did this a while ago while I was studying, and although this seems to not be customer-friendly, it actually is. The German book market is a lot more varied, than say, the British or Swedish one And most book stores will now - thanks to amazon - also ship everything for free. Apart from that, if I am just browsing for something new to read, I cannot do that online. I need to see the book, feel it and compare it to others, and all that I can only do in a real store. Comment Thanks to Lara for our nice new home.

I will try the cheese, salami, olives and a schorle, please! Gibson, you misunderstood my post. I think I will buy "Green Mars" as well, but I have not yet bought it. My secret message should only tell you that I'm through with "Red Mars". As you know, Mars is not so red anymore at the end of the first book of the series. Robert, thanks for the link to "Big picture". I had not known it, but it looks very interesting. The photo taken with an underwater camera in Mainz looks amazing, doesn't it?

Many other photos are very interesting as well and I my use some of them when I try to tell my sponsored students about the floodings in parts of Europe. By the way, we have seen the peak of river Elbe in Magdeburg yesterday, so the tension is easing now. However, the level is still very high and the situation will be dangerous for a few more days.

Personally, I am not directly affected, but some of my collegues had to leave their flat. Amazing birds, it seems. I can't recall that I have ever seen any. Comment Yes, thank you, Lara! It seems I'm late to the party, but mabe there's still a bibble of cheese for me? And maybe a few olives? That would be great. The schorle surely is gone by now, it seems to have been everybody's favourite. Oh well, I'll have to make do with a glass of wine ;- harambee, so how's it looking in Magdeburg?

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We have guests at the moment who drove here on Saturday via Magdeburg, and what they told us they had seen sounded frightful :- How are your colleagues? I recall you said some of them were bound to be affected Abertawe, I agree with your defense of the Buchpreisbindung - I think it is at least part of the reason Germany has such a diverse publishing landscape, and books in Germany are actually not more expensive than in other countries and cheaper than in Switzerland, where there is no such thing as Buchpreisbindung.

It also helps small independent book stores, and some of them specialise in unexpected books, i. I've made many a serendipitous finding in such stores. Nevertheless, for some reason many people believe that books at amazon. Just goes to show that good marketing can sell you anything, even things that don't exist Comment 30 Dixie : It's been so nice that you made the effort sending me a link.

Though that's not what I need. Besides it's just too much to read for my poor eyes. I know the theory but, when speaking or wrinting rapidly I forget about it or at least to keep the duration of an action in mind. Most of the times I use it the right way. But I guess I'll never learned it by heart while I was young. This must be correct 'cause the rain continued falling while I walked - or while I was walking?? If the continious is correct here, on the other hand this is correct, too: "It stopped to rain when I arrived at home".

Both actions are very short.

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  • No continuing action means: no need for the continous! I know that this is not the room for grammar questions. I just wanted to axplain the troubles I'm in and some others, too.

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    It's not a matter of theory but of here it is again: pracicing. Comment I'm not able to edit but have to correct the following: -wri[n]ting- -I['ll] never learned- -[a]explain- -prac t icing- don't know where that br comes from O.

    Comment Leaving on a jet plane Might be out of reach but who knows. Have a great time!

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