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But even if you do a good job, it still will build up to some degree in about six months. When tartar starts to accumulate in certain corners of your mouth, the gums surrounding your teeth can become inflamed, and this will eventually lead to gum disease. If left untreated, this disease can cause tooth and bone loss. During your routine exams and cleanings, we check for the early signs of gum disease because catching and addressing it early is the key.

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Like gum disease, part of our regular exam protocol is looking for the early signs of oral cancer. You know when we pull your tongue and check your glands and other tests? Early diagnosis is early treatment. For dental issues, this not only can save you thousands of dollars, but it can save your teeth. We keep a running record of your dental health.

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Have your gums receded since the last visit? Has that crack in a tooth become worse? We check for everything and keep an eye on any issues. Is it time for your next exam? What gives? Ikea is known for its affordable furniture and much of it relies on the use of veneers.

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A dresser will have a thin veneer of a fine wood masking a lesser-looking wood that is making up the structure of the dresser. The veneers basically cover the wood beneath, presenting a more beautiful impression to anyone looking at the dresser. Not that your teeth are George Washington-esque wood, but we use veneers to cover up their cosmetic imperfections. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are applied to the front side of either a single tooth or all of your visible teeth.

The goal is to cover imperfections on your teeth, things like cracks, chips, misaligned teeth, overly stained teeth, misshapen teeth, and the like. To have those issues fixed with either orthodontics or even implants could take years and be extremely expensive. But veneers present a perfect smile to the world by covering up those flaws with beautiful porcelain. That way, we can match the porcelain veneer to the whitest natural shade of your teeth.

First, Dr. Kress prepares the teeth for veneers. To do this, we remove a very thin layer of the outer tooth enamel to make room for the veneer. Once the enamel has been shaved down on the teeth receiving veneers, we take digital photos and impressions to send to the lab for the creation of your veneers. While they are being created, we place temporary veneers on your teeth.

When your veneers are finished and arrive at our offices, you return for a second appointment. First, we check the color match and fit of each veneer. Once satisfied, we then permanently cement the veneers onto the fronts of your teeth. Now your smile is a beautiful thing for all to behold! Porcelain veneers last around a decade. Interested in covering up flaws with your teeth with porcelain veneers?


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Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. They mix with sugars and proteins from food to form a sticky film on your teeth called plaque. Plaque coats your teeth and can get under your gumline. It is the start of a process that leads to tooth decay and gum inflammation. Fortunately, you can remove plaque by brushing and flossing. Piece of cake. But if you get lazy with your home hygiene, plaque stays on your teeth and hardens into tartar. First, it was vaccines.

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One unfortunate consequence of the Internet is it can provide anyone with a platform that, to the truly uninformed, can seem like legitimate information. Uh, more dangerous than polio? The latest Internet-fueled stupidity is that fluoride is actually poisoning us. Seeing how it is added to municipal water supplies to help prevent decay in teeth, these proponents advocate removing it from the water and from your daily life. While this line of thinking, devoid of any scientific evidence to the detrimental qualities of fluoride, would be good for the bottom line of dentists such as Dr.

There is a ton of evidence about the benefits of fluoride in preventing tooth decay. Fluoride was first added to the municipal water supply in Grand Rapids, Michigan in as a national test case. After 11 years, the cavity rate among Grand Rapids children born after fluoride had been added to the water supply dropped by over 60 percent!

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There have been dozens of other studies over the years with the same findings. You can sort of equate your teeth with a mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Where minerals are coming and going all day long. Demineralization is the problem. Fortunately, when you eat foods and drink water, minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate remineralize the teeth. Too much demineralization without remineralization results in tooth decay. People who think we should take fluoride out of the water supply are missing one little other fact — fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral.

Good luck signing a petition to remove fluoride from pickles, white wine, spinach, oysters, carrots, green and black teas, various fruit juices, Russet potatoes, asparagus, and even chicken. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth enamel more resistant to those acids from bacteria and sugars in the mouth. Fluoride also has the cool effect of reversing early cases of decay. For kids under 6, fluoride becomes incorporated into the development of permanent teeth. This makes the teeth resistant to the assault of acids trying to demineralize the teeth.

Fluoride also speeds remineralization and disrupts acid production in the mouth. It was originally thought that only children benefit from fluoride, but new research shows that topical fluoride from toothpastes, mouth rinses, and fluoride treatments is important to help adult teeth fight decay. But we can also provide fluoride for adults who have less-than-awesome enamel. Is it time for your twice-yearly cleaning and exam?

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Late October is a scary time of the year. You have haunted houses here, there, and everywhere. You have endless horror movies playing on TV. And endless little goblins are getting ready to go trick or treating on a blustery, cold Halloween night.

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It is hard to figure how anyone could be scared of our friendly crew, but some people just have a thing about the dentist. To assuage those concerns, we offer sedation dentistry. Some people have an actual reaction to the sound of a dental drill. Some people are very uncomfortable with the thought of a needle for anesthetic. Some people have a strong gag reflex, so the thought of someone working in the recesses of their mouth makes them nervous. Sedation dentistry with Dr. Kress takes the edge off for most patients.