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We utilize energy at every moment.

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It keeps us alive. Qigong is usually thought of as a health practice or a means to athletic stamina.

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On a more subtle level, it can also contribute to thinking and to artistry. It is exchange with the universal cosmic energy. When it comes to meditation, this energy is needed to power the contemplation itself. It can be used to open dormant energy centers that every person has at birth but that few ever learn to use. Most importantly, by observing the very universal energy that is within us, we come to learn the link between inner and outer. We are working with the lifeforce that is heaven and earth. Great way to burn ,away excess calories , I agree just watching also burn calories, high aerobic activity with low impact on the joints.

I've burnt calories just watching! She was a hard working labor worker. After she retired in her 60s her body was in pain and she decided to do something for her health.

Qi ~ Life’s Energy

What happend This research studies show that similar healing techniques like qigong helps in treating some diseases. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Live Videos. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Kelvin Ong. I have odd sensation that the energy that keep moving up very fast t Anyone who know how to cure this kind of sickness to move down the energy to the feet????? Ur advice are quite appreciated.

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See More. Indigo Triplett. The event is designed to improve relationships, enhance wellbeing and provide an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with yourself by being immersed in a day designed to help you have self-awareness, practice techniques that resonate with you and gather information for success through a mind, body and spirit connection. And, feel free to contact us for group rates and student discounts at Sinclair 4-DPerformance. Cp Teoh. Information about Page Insights Data. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.

If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Cp Teoh. Send Message. Top Talent. This is a very special episode.

And Ernestine Shepherd is proof of that. All meditation begins with breath. All life begins with breath.

When people first engage with the nondual perspective it can add to their confusion about the nature of conditioned existence. The unconditioned arises as an absence. This is what it means to have a physical body and live in the material world. The world of matter functions in very specific and precise ways. Relative to thoughts and feelings, our physical bodies are highly conditioned. If someone dies or leaves a relationship, it means that they will not be around for us to enjoy their physical.

We need to be a different type of person.

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But when we let go of our resistance, nothing needs to change. We accept that things may change, and they may not. We allow our circumstances and our responses our thoughts and feelings to be exactly as they are. We let go of what we think is happening, and we let go of what should be happening, in order to allow ourselves to be present to what is actually happening.

We stop waiting for anything more to be happening than what is. The only way to enter unconditioned awareness is to stop waiting. All there ever is, is the moment that is saturated with a level of conditioning that spans infinity and yet which is totally ephemeral at the same time. Peter is a leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom worldwide.

He was a celibate monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for 9 years and has a Ph. Can you explain why you see this as so important and its relationship to the thinking process? Can this practice really lead to freedom?

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Sometimes it just does not seem possible. Linda: When you start to become more grounded in your body, more anchored in your body, just more here in your body, you start to see how much control the mind has over you, over your body. You start to see how little time you actually spend in your body, here, present.

Each time you move away from here into thinking, you need to bring your attention back to the body. You have to be ruthless with the thinking process. No matter how seductive a thought is, bring your attention back to the rise and the fall of the abdomen with the breath. Bring it back to your body. There will be periods when you just feel here and it will just feel amazing, and other times when it will feel almost impossible to come back. This takes a lot of energy. But you start to see that the thinking process is a habit and to break a habit.

Eventually it becomes more difficult to think than not to think. You start to see how highly overrated thinking is, how unnecessary most of the time thinking is, how inefficient thinking is. You see that nothing is going to be solved by thinking. Look at it logically. What good is it doing you thinking about something you might do in the imaginary future?


You know this intellectually. You know this logically, but you need to prove it to yourself and realize in your own body, in your own psyche, that this is true. Your mind or ego will resist this practice almost every step of the way. Rather than blaming your mind, your thoughts, you take responsibility for how you feel. Question: This seems like a selfish path. I wanted to be free from my own suffering. Even though I had an incredibly deep love for my teacher and would have done anything for him, I was aware that I was also using him to free myself.

Currently she is also working on her second book. For more information, please visit www. There is much talk of the new earth but what do we actually mean by new earth? Do some of us get to go there because we have qualified through our meditation and inner work?