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Now Blondell's son, Niall, has recanted his testimony and demolished the case. Reporter Nikki Gillette is determined to get the true story, and not just for professional reasons. Blondell's murdered daughter, Amity, was Nikki's childhood friend. The night she died, Amity begged Nikki to meet with her, insisting she had a secret to tell, but Nikki didn't go.

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Her guilt is compounded by other complications--Nikki's favourite uncle, Alexander, was the attorney who helped save Blondell from execution. And rumours swirl that he was one of her many lovers. As she digs for answers during one of the most sweltering summers in Savannah's history, he also worries for her safety. Everyone involved seems to have secrets, from Blondell's old boyfriend and his fundamentalist, snake-handling in-laws to the cop who led the original investigation. She lives with her family, two cats and an eighty-pound dog in the Pacific Northwest. Book Three in the darkly magical Witching Savannah series.

An otherworldly energy runs through the city of Savannah, betraying its sleepy, moss-cradled charm. The old, beguiling streets look welcoming to most - but certain families know what lurks under their genteel surfaces. Families like Mercy Taylor's, which has the most powerful lineage of witches in the South, know this all too well. It was just an OK story for me. The central theme of the story is the death of a teenage girl, who was pregnant at the time of her murder. An interesting twist at the end when the 20 year old mystery is solved at last, but guess this story was not real I saw a review for this book on Goodreads and thought I would read it basis the review.

An interesting twist at the end when the 20 year old mystery is solved at last, but guess this story was not really my cup of tea.

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Reshelving from the 'thriller' shelf to the 'plodder' shelf. Not good, not bad, just meh. Sep 04, Christy Baldischwiler rated it did not like it. Sooo slow! Finally got interesting towards the end but still would not recommend this book.

Oct 28, Barb Ross rated it liked it. Jul 13, Jackie rated it liked it. Just ok. Too many characters, too much unnecessary detail. Hard to stay interested. Sep 12, Kerrie Layton Box rated it really liked it. A good suspense story with many twists and turns. There are enough suspects who all seem could be the killer, but I didn't know who until the very end. I liked the reveal because it totally surprised me. This book, 3 in a 3 book series, was really good and kept my attention all the way through. The previous book was only fair, but I'm very glad I read this one.

It was a page turner! Aug 02, Julie Stauss rated it really liked it. Good to the last page!! Jun 05, Alexandra Bayer rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. Nikki Gillette needs another story. As a reporter and true-crime novel writer, that's how she makes her living. But nothing big seems to be happening in Savannah, Georgia Twenty years ago, Blondell supposedly killed her oldest daughter, shot her son in the throat, leaving behind vocal damage, and fired the sh Nikki Gillette needs another story.

Twenty years ago, Blondell supposedly killed her oldest daughter, shot her son in the throat, leaving behind vocal damage, and fired the shot to her younger daughter's spine which put her in a wheelchair for life. As Nikki looks more closely into the case, she is thrust into danger by an unknown person who obviously wants her to keep her nose in her own business.

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Nikki knows she can find the truth - the question is whether doing so will endanger her life I was excited to start this book after receiving it from Goodreads First Reads. It's been a while since I last read a realistic mystery with no fictitious creatures. I love mysteries and suspense, but only when they're well-written. This book, I am pleased to say, was. Although written in the third person, which isn't my favourite, I found the story compelling and hard to put down. Although this is the third novel in the Savannah series, I found the storyline easy to keep up with. Lisa Jackson did a great job with letting the readers in on what had happened in the previous two books.

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However, the characters were not as easily kept up with. There were so many suspects, witnesses, and people in general that when a name was stated, I couldn't always remember what part that person played in the dynamics of the story. I would have preferred a bit more name association with part played to make it easier to remember. There was one thing I found confusing about this book.

At some points, the view switched to first person and the letters were italicized; this is when Nikki was interviewing a person in the jail cell. The view switched from interview to interview between Nikki and the criminal. However, at the end of the story when the reader finds out the identity of another person guilty from that night, the last interview is with that person. The disconcerting thing is that I'm not sure whether all the interviews were with the originally unknown criminal, or with this new person but with Blondell, as well.

I suppose it could apply to either case; I just wish I knew which situation it was. The best part of this story is that it started out interesting and kept getting better. I didn't necessarily have the urge to never put it down again at first, but as I traveled deeper into its pages, the plot and storyline kept getting deeper. There were false leads, dangerous situations, and realistic conversations and motives. I always love when a book keeps true to real life, because it makes the reader feel as though these things that are occurring in the story could happen in real life; this belief makes all the emotions the book provokes heighten even further.

There was much suspense. I have a tendency to skip my eyes over the section I'm reading to see what happens next at exciting parts; I did that a lot throughout this novel. Thank goodness I have a wide bookmark; I used it to block the sections below what I was reading so I couldn't cheat.

A book that inspires such strong emotions in a person is almost always a good one.

Witching Savannah

Overall, I'm very glad I read this story. It was enticing and amusing, romantic and terrifying, all at the same time! I am giving this book a rating of four stars. Jackson has proven to me, at least that she is a talented author. This was the first book I've read by her, but it may not be the last. I loved the creativity in the threats, and the difficulty in finding all the important clues in order to unmask the true villain. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for mystery, crime, and romance.

Feb 14, Lesley rated it really liked it Shelves: series , mystery-suspense-thriller , fiction. Okay, so this was more of a 3. Not 'oh, my gosh, I loved it and I'm keeping it forever so I can reread it', but couldn't put it down and was sad when it was over.

Didn't realize this was part of a series at first, and by the time I di Okay, so this was more of a 3.