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After struggling for months to get to the root of her symptoms, Amanda was diagnosed with a small pilocytic astrocytoma in her brainstem. Now, she is left with irreversible and long-term effects of the radiation treatment she had four years ago.

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She is coming to terms with the fact she may never achieve her aspirations of going to university, owning a home and having a child. The treatment has left me with long-term symptoms, such as short-term memory loss and confusion, which will get worse over time. It has had a devastating impact on my education and daily life is a big struggle. Sales Manager Amy Drummond was just 13 years old when she began to experience small seizures and memory loss while studying for her GCSEs. After visiting numerous doctors in a bid to find out what was wrong with her, she was finally diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour.

Fortunately, Amy was able to have the tumour removed by surgery, but the tumour took its toll on her being able to enjoy teenage life too. Now, as she heads towards the milestone of turning 30, Amy is determind to not let her past affect her future. Looking back, I missed out on school, socialising, dating, playing sport and even making friends.

I would even say my brain tumour robbed me of my teenage years. Determined mum Amy Quin will mark the first anniversary of her brain tumour diagnosis by skydiving 15,ft from a plane with her sisters. The trio are raising money for the charity Brain Tumour Research. With a prognosis of five to seven years, Amy is hopeful that research will help to identify new treatments which would mean her tumour is operable giving her precious time with her family including partner Lewis and their four-year-old son Hector.

This year, exactly 12 months since my diagnosis, I will be jumping 15,ft out of an aeroplane with my two sisters.

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Help us build the UK's largest network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research and campaign for more investment nationally. Together we will find a cure. In Hope. Home Stories In Hope. Effortlessly fun and witty, clever and pulse-poundingly crowd-pleasing, High Flying Bird is also not above or beyond reasonable critique. While it represents a democratizing of filmmaking, the iPhone is also a product, made outside of this country, and potentially by workers making little to nothing for long hours at a time. Thus, might this movie be a front door commercial for Apple?

Can it also be a backdoor lesson in using control against itself? The reality is that we work within our means. Our few, monopolized means. But that work can flip the world upside down, and for the better. Forget that this is a Netflix film for a moment, and focus on the delicate nature of its iPhone video capturing. In one scene, Holland is sitting across from his boss, who seems to be continually drinking product placed Vitamin Water an in-story prop and probably an actual ad within the film.

I think so. The resonance changes, becoming about something more than two men talking contracts. For all of its ninety minutes, High Flying Bird is a commanding force, instigating provocation of and directly encouraging serious thought. Thoughts range from our place amongst these systems of control and how we can become dismantlers and disruptors.

Not everyone can negotiate deals with high-level agencies and go over legal mumbo-jumbo with ease, but most of us do have access to phones. John Calvin. Christopher W. The Holy Spirit. Stanley Hauerwas. Abingdon Theological Companion to the Lectionary.

Cynthia L. Baker Publishing Group. Gene Edwards. Kent Hughes. Bible Characters. Alexander Whyte.

A Handbook on Holy Spirit Baptism. Don Basham. The Goldsworthy Trilogy. Graeme Goldsworthy. Praying the Bible: The Pathway to Spirituality. Wesley Campbell. You Are the Beloved. Henri J. Revival Hubs Rising.

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Ryan LeStrange. Delighting in the Law of the Lord. Jerram Barrs.

A Minute in the Church: Life in Christ. Gus Lloyd. Luke Teach the Text Commentary Series. Dee Brestin. David Walls. Max Anders. Imitating God in Christ. Jason B. Michael J. How Strong Women Pray. Bonnie St.

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George H. The Companion Bible. Mark D. Let Us Pray! Francis Nigel Lee. The Ten Commandments.

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