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I Got the Recollection of the Blood of the Lamb

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Rugg Astrid M. Schloerscheidt Michael C. Doyle Catherine J.

Cox Geoffrey R. Adverse childhood experiences ACEs have been linked to numerous negative physical and mental health outcomes across the lifespan.

The Recollection — objects of desire

As such, self-report questionnaires that assess for ACEs are increasingly used in healthcare settings. However, previous research has generated some concern over the reliability of retrospective reports of childhood adversity, and it has been proposed that symptoms of depression may increase recall of negative memories. Participants completed self-report measures of depression and ACEs twice, three months apart.

Results of this study indicate that changes in symptoms of depression do not correspond with changes in ACE scores among adults.

The Recollection (excerpt)

This study provides support for the stability and reliability of ACE scores over time, regardless of depression status, and suggests that ACE measures are appropriate for use in healthcare settings. These color fields help in creating three-dimensional perceptions on the two-dimensional canvas.

Erben seeks the liberatory possibilities of inner perspectives by keeping illusions and illustrations away from his works. The artist, who works both in Dusseldorf and in Bagnoregio, a region close to Rome, has an approach that questions the possibilities of intercultural interaction in his compositions.

Ulrich Erben.