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So firstly, thank you very much for your time.

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In the interview you gave to Werner Herzog, you described running your hand through water, and experiencing understanding of connectivity that was very sensory. It was the imagining of a vast three-or-more-dimensional system of interconnections concentrating. I would call it imaginative. I was thinking about the link between the tactile and the visual.

How did this idea of visual parallelism and horizontality occur to you? You could say it started when I was trying to write papers in high school. I could never bear to leave anything out. My papers got longer and longer. The problem with conventional writing is that you must grade the connections and put them in sequence for the reader to reassemble them in the mind.

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Writing is a false sequentialisation of what is not sequential. What stuck with me was this dichotomy: something that could be both extremely provocative and lead people to marginalise you and your ideas, but also occur to some people as natural, intuitive, too obvious. Well, there you are. People who are in the conventional paradigm of text are naturally offended. To contradict the paradigm is to offend them spiritually. This is a fairly abstract question: if your system had become predominant, how do you think it may have affected the way that people think?

It is impossible to say. The consequences of anything you put out in the world are unknowable. So, you can have parallel text on paper, but not visibly connected, but you can put things in the margin all over, and that can be translated into a PDF, which is then a portable format. Jaron Lanier said that your work had the broader potential to encourage social responsibility. So even to say next year is too specific. I give it a new name for every product definition. And it will have multiple windows. I thought it was the path, and I was blindsided by the Web. I was shocked. Well, go into history and look at any theologian.

Do you feel that your work has an ideological component? Can you speak a little about that?

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It is what it is. There are so many other things I wanted to do. I thought I was going to be a filmmaker. Some of it is hereditary. My parents had a very strong drive. I remember an interview where you spoke about reading [American engineer and inventor] Vannevar Bush around the dining room table. Well, I think so. I was eight, but I believe we did. My grandparents, who raised me, were extremely supportive of my intellect. I was intrinsically intellectual, and that was always important.

My grandmother told me later that she thought I would be a historian. Well, kind of. The lava lamp is a lovely example of elegance, to me. And inside the bottle is a ball of wax. The light bulb heats the wax. It expands and rises to the top, then it cools, it breaks into sections, and more goes to the top and falls back.

That, to me, is elegance. Another example is the Hammond organ. There was a guy named Hammond. He made clocks, and I had a Hammond clock. Hammond made a clock which you had to restart if it stopped, making you conscious of the fact that it was not correct. I found them and it turned out that that clock was patented the year I was born.


Instead, he put an induction coil next to the wheel, turned it and made a very nice sound. And he started making electric organs that consisted of a rod with wheels. One wheel might have nine sides, another wheel would have sixteen sides, and as they turned inside of the coil, each would make a different sound, and the organist, pushing on a key, would move that induction coil closer to that particular wheel, thus creating a very pleasing sound.

That was the birth of the Hammond organ.

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I hate numbers. But I understand what the mathematicians mean by elegance. It means simplicity and clarity. Good software design should be elegant, especially interactive software, which is getting more and more horrible.

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But these stinky little apps each have their own tricks to memorise. I hate that. I have finished thousands of pieces of writing. I generally print out one version and correct it by hand, and then will sometimes cut and paste it into new arrangements, physically cutting and pasting, except I use staples.

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I call each rewrite a grind. For example, I just did a nine- grind piece, and it takes a long time and a lot of effort. The word used by architects is charette. I have to decide what is most important to write this spring. I think one of them is my overview of history for YouTube, and the other is my indignant overview of mathematics for YouTube. What I wish they had told me when they were teaching mathematics. Because I hated mathematics so much, and the insights I managed to find since have changed my attitude. I still hate numbers.

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My first week of the programming course was like being hit by lightning. This was They were all-purpose. They could be made to do anything. My collaborator Roger Gregory is still working on Xanadu Classic. You can create collages of content and parallel pages. And you understand that work as something that will ultimately be finished…. I have no idea. The world could end before this happens. We open in a rainforest, shortly after sunrise or a little before dusk. Birds and bugs and breeze hum a chorus. A man wearing cargo shorts is driving a stone hatchet from an earlier video into a thin tree trunk.

He is shirtless and barefoot. He is a YouTube star. His 28 videos show him using only natural, found materials and his body to create extremely intricate and functional shelter, weaponry, machines and tools from scratch. Jump cuts happen every few seconds in Primitive Technology because each video compresses dozens, sometimes hundreds of hours of work. The video, which has over 31 million views, abridges days of arduous labor undoubtedly containing countless stops, starts, attempts, re-tries and Google searches, into just 14 minutes and eight seconds of pure productivity.

PT has sort of a doleful look. His weathered face stays in focus as the end of the bough blurs; he seems serious and distant. You could take him for sad, or at least dispassionate. We are left only with the sense that here, in the Far North Queensland of our minds, a remote, tropical tip of the internet where just one pair of cargo shorts survives, we may have arrived at the end of the world. What stops the rain from washing the mud off the hut walls A. The roof. What dangerous animals are there? Only venomous snakes and I need to watch where I step.