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By sorting through data from several sources, including the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Glass Door, we compiled the following list of the ten best tech jobs. There is a high demand for individuals who can evaluate data to help companies make business decisions; however, there is a relatively low supply of qualified candidates. By far, the largest number of job openings on the list is for software developers. This growth is fueled by the demand for mobile apps and other products that are driven by technology.

While some software developers design applications, systems software developers design operating systems, and interfaces. More than one billion records were breached in , according to Gemalto, an international security company.

What Jobs am I Qualified for with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology?

These breaches illustrate the urgent need for information security analysts. Computer systems analysts are needed to design and install new computer systems, and IT consulting firms hire most of them. Growth has occurred primarily in the following areas: cloud computing , mobile technology, and healthcare records.

There are three types of web developers; web designers, who create the layout and feel of the website, need an associate degree in web design.

8 Entry-level jobs you can land with a computer science degree

Number of new jobs through : 5, total specific numbers for technology not available. Most sales engineers have a degree in business, science, or a technology field. Information technology managers go by a variety of other names; for example, computer and information systems managers, chief information officers CIOs , chief technology officers CTOs , IT directors, or IT security managers.

Basic Skills for Computer Jobs - What you should know about IT Basics

While duties may vary, they usually oversee an IT team and handle the organization's technology needs. Computer and Information Research Scientists typically require a Ph. Among other duties, computer and information research scientists write algorithms to help businesses analyze data. Companies need network and computer systems administrators to handle their day-to-day technology operations, which include installing and maintaining local and wide area networks, intranets, etc. Typically, candidates for this role hold a degree in information science, computer science, computer engineering or electrical engineering.

There are two types of computer support specialists: computer network support specialists and computer user support specialists. Computer network support specialists usually work with IT staff to troubleshoot problems. Computer user support specialists, also known as help desk techs, assist customers and non-technical employees.

Technology is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand industries. Use this list as a guide to evaluating the job outlook, salary, and education requirements for your dream tech job. Career Advice. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. First of all, technology progressions, at least right now, are the pinnacle of research, development, and creative thought in the country, if not the world.

While traditional sciences such as medicine and engineering certainly hold a share of innovation, no other field seems to give you the opportunity, or the downright encouragement, to create new innovations. That is a very exciting prospect for many people. Technology also involves meaningful work. There is also a large variety of work available. You name an industry and there are sure to be dozens, hundreds, possibly thousands of IT jobs available.

This allows people with a tech background to work in nearly any geographical area, any field, and any industry. However, there are certain characteristics that could indicate you would be successful and happy! While technology careers involve lots of scientific reasoning and hard data, being a creative, right-brain thinker is actually beneficial.

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You should also enjoy problem solving. If you are the type of person who tries to fix your own bike, television, or wifi connection without the help of a professional, you likely fit the bill for an IT career.

A desire to learn is also vital, especially if you want to land one of the highest paying tech jobs in the industry. Systems, software, and equipment are evolving faster than ever before, so you need to be fully committed to constant training through classes, certifications, seminars, and industry information. While not all technology careers are completely tied to a desk, there will certainly be lots of screen time. If the thought of spending hours, often full work weeks, in front of a computer sounds unbearable, then a technology career may not be right for you.

If you are looking for a high-quality technology career, first consider the entry level positions. These jobs in information technology not only provide a stable career with excellent pay, they are often available to people who are just entering into the technology sector with minimal education. Writing and testing code for computer and software applications, computer programmers take ideas, often created by developers and software engineers, and turn them into real-life programs. You can even start learning computer languages today with these free resources. There is one issue with this technology career, however.

It can still be a great entry job, but there may not be as many opportunities in the next 10 years.

The 10 Best Tech Jobs

As a web developer, your primary responsibility will the design and creation of websites. Not only are you responsible for the overall look and visual appeal of the site, you are also responsible for technical aspects, such as ease of use, layout, and general performance. By providing help and advice on networks and systems, computer support specialists make the use of computers easier for other people who may not have advanced computer training and knowledge. They may test and evaluate existing networks, perform regular maintenance, and troubleshoot network systems. Many computer support specialists will work for computer design firms.

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  • Here are the best technology careers:;

Others will be employed by educational organizations, such as universities and local schools. The following list includes the ten technology jobs with the highest median salary. With further education and on the job training you may earn well over the median salaries listed. The other form of software developers work with the systems. These technology experts research and create systems-level software. They can work in a wide variety of engaging industries, including medical, military, industrial, and scientific fields.

If you choose this career path, you will need to set operational specifications and create software requirements. To have success as a software developer, you need to work with the basic principles of computer science, as well as engineering and mathematical analytics. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey are the top paying states for software systems developers. As the BLS organizes it, software developers fall into two general categories: system developers and application developers. If creating an application for businesses, much of the focus could be optimizing efficiency.

The applications that are developed will often be fully customized to a specific business, organization, or industry, although many of them will be applicable to numerous areas.